Jim: Cannabis, Diabetes and PTSD

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Ailment: Diabetes & PTSD Ingestion Method: Smoke, eat raw and bake. Bio: I'm a disabled veteran that has suffered from many conditions all service related. The VA gave me many drugs to control my pain and sleep and other problems. It was all killing me! I read a little bit about [...]

Can Medical Marijuana be used to treat Diabetes? – Research Review

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Although there are numerous cases of research into the use and characteristics of marijuana and its relation to metabolic diseases, this post will review the current research and give an idea of where we stand in relation to diabetes and the use of marijuana.  Over the past 40 years, the number of diabetics [...]

Cannabis “Reduces Pain in Diabetes Patients”

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On 28th April, Diabetes.co.uk released an article detailing a study suggesting that smoking cannabis can reduce neuropathic pain for sufferers of the illness. It is a surprising move from the website who do not usually associate themselves with medical marijuana advocacy. However, the publishing of the article demonstrates genuine interest from major organisations, with regards [...]