Can Cannabis Offer a New Hope to Arthritis Sufferers?

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Belfast University launches study into the pain-relieving benefits of cannabis-based medication on Arthritis Belfast’s Ulster University is investigating the possible benefits cannabinoids can offer to sufferers of rheumatoid arthritis The research project will receive £250,000 funding Irish researchers have launched an extensive new study last year to look into the pain-relieving effects of [...]

Could Cannabis Offer New Hope to Autistic Children?

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Why keeping medicinal cannabis illegal could be hindering life changing autism research Anecdotal evidence of success stories with cannabis treatment for autism is coming from parents across the world Israel has just launched a revolutionary new study testing effects of medicinal cannabis on 120 autistic participants CBD, the non-psychoactive seems to be the [...]

Has this British University just Proven that Cannabis Kills Cancer Cells?

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New research confirms that cannabinoids can be effective in killing leukemia cells, particularly in combination with chemotherapy The study also found that cannabinoids are most effective when used after chemo treatment It also confirmed that cannabinoids possess anticancer properties on their own St. George’s University of London may have just proven that cannabis [...]

Can CBD Alleviate the Symptoms of Epilepsy?

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There have been many examples in recent years of published scientific articles, which have been peer-reviewed, as well as news items in the more general press, which have indicated the broad range of medical conditions susceptible to treatment by cannabis and related compounds. Much publicity has been gained in particular for reports claiming [...]

The Father of Cannabis: Raphael Mechoulam and Cannabinoids

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As a smiling 84-year old lecturer at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, interacting with young students on a daily basis, Raphael Mechoulam doesn't appear to stand out from the crowd. To the everyday man, he is simply part of the faculty at one of the most respected educational facilities in Israel. However, the Bulgarian born professor [...]

Do Endocannabinoids Increase Physical Performance? – Part 2

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In part one we finished with evidence showing endurance exercise activates the endocannabinoid system in humans. This has been proposed as an explanation for the altered mental status that accompanies intense exercise. Let’s now continue with that line of reasoning. We know that the endocannabinoid system reduces pain sensations equivalent to that of morphine[ref]2004; Br [...]

Do Endocannabinoids increase Physical Performance? – Part 1

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THE RUNNER’S HIGH Are you familiar with the term “runner’s high?” It’s the sensation of inner peace milers in particular receive after prolonged running. It’s also sometimes called a second wind. In high school I was involved in track and cross-country sports. I can testify to the incredible feeling I would occasionally, but not always, [...]