Cannabis Legalisation Ireland – Catching up with Vera Twomey

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Vera Twomey, Irish mother of epileptic daughter, marched 260km earlier this year to demand Irish Government allows her daughter access to THC Ava Berry, 7, suffers from Dravet’s Syndrome, a severe form of epilepsy, which had been giving the young girl thousands of seizures a year Since being given CBD, the girl’s condition [...]

Australian Grandfather Donates $40million to Cannabis Research

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Hero Australian Grandfather takes CBD oil on national TV after donating millions to cannabis research to save granddaughter. Barry and Joy Lambert donated nearly $40 million to cannabis research program at Sydney University Their granddaughter, Katelyn, suffers from a rare and serious form of epilepsy, Dravet’s Syndrome The donations have help set up [...]

Irish Mother’s Battle for her Daughter’s Right to Life Saving Cannabis Medicine

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“Heartbroken” Irish mother walked length of Ireland to try and get life-saving medical marijuana for sick daughter. Courageous Vera Twomey walked 260km from Cork down to Dublin in desperate attempt to get access to cannabis-based medication for her daughter Ava Barry, Vera’s daughter, suffers from Dravey Syndrome, a rare intractable form of [...]

Can CBD Alleviate the Symptoms of Epilepsy?

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There have been many examples in recent years of published scientific articles, which have been peer-reviewed, as well as news items in the more general press, which have indicated the broad range of medical conditions susceptible to treatment by cannabis and related compounds. Much publicity has been gained in particular for reports claiming [...]

Children in Australia first to try Medicinal Cannabis

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Children in Australia first to try Medicinal Cannabis  Medicinal Cannabis will be grown in the state of Victoria Australia and given to children as early as 2017 . Legislation will come into effect by the end of 2015, with the Office of Medicinal Cannabis establishing itself to provide research, development and access to those with [...]

Epileptic Teen Denied Cannabis Oil at School

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Epileptic Teen Denied Cannabis Oil at School Genny Barbour, 16, suffers from both autism and epilepsy. She attends a half-day at school and can only stay until her cannabis oil wears off. She takes legal cannabis oil which is most effective against her seizures. Genny's school still refuses to allow her to take the oil which [...]

Teen “Breathes on his Own” after using CBD Oil

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After 20 medications failed to treat a dying New Zealand teenager, cannabis oil may have saved his life. TVNZ reported that Alex Renton was taken off life support due to improvement following emergency medical marijuana treatment. Alex Renton's story has sparked a national debate about the morality of medical marijuana in New Zealand. Alex's mother [...]

Alexis Bortell, 9, now 33 days Seizure free after using Cannabis Oil

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9-year-old Texan Alexis Bortell has now been seizure free for 33 days, after moving to Colorado to gain access to cannabis oil. Bortell, who used to have dozens of seizures every day, but after switching from using pharmaceuticals to cannabis oil, her symptoms have halted completely. Speaking to the media, Bortell's father Dean stated, “We thought if [...]

Texas Legalizes Cannabis Oil For Epilepsy

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Despite being one of the most staunch anti-cannabis States of America, Texas made a significant step this week by legalizing cannabis oil for epilepsy patients. Governor Greg Abbott signed the bill on the 1st June, bringing Texas, for the first time, in line with many other states, who permit varying amounts of cannabis use. While the [...]

Medical Marijuana and Epilepsy: Breakthrough New Study Could Help With Legalisation

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A new study involving 213 children and adults suffering from the debilitating symptoms associated with epilepsy has been published. This study set out to prove that medical marijuana contains properties able to fight against the extreme symptoms of epilepsy. Seizures are scary for all involved; the patient themselves, their family and friends that witness the [...]