VIDEO – An Epileptic Six Year Old’s Fight for Medical Marijuana

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How is it justified that a six-year-old girl has 100 seizures a day and is living in a state where medical marijuana is illegal and therefore unavailable to her? This is a question that has plagued the parents of Sophia, a little girl from Ohio who suffers from severe intractable epilepsy. This means that legally [...]

Ten year old fights to legalize marijuana oil to treat her epilepsy

By | March 3rd, 2015|Categories: Cannabis Oil, Epilepsy|

A ten-year-old girl with a rare but intractable form of epilepsy is leading the crusade to have marijuana extract oil approved for medicinal use in her home state of Idaho as a form of treatment for her deadly seizures. Alexis Carey, from Boise, has Dravet Syndrome, an incurable genetic disease that causes severe and multiple [...]

Florida Republican Aims To Legalize Medical Marijuana

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A top Florida Republican filed a bill Monday that would legalize medical marijuana in the state, just months after a similar ballot measure received a majority of voter support, but fell just short of the percentage needed to pass. Florida state Sen. Jeff Brandes (R) filed The Florida Medical Marijuana Act, a bill that would [...]

Epilepsy Cannabidiol Treatment: Doctors Vs. Patients

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A survey about using marijuana-based treatments appears to have split opinions between people with epilepsy and the doctors who treat them. Specialists warn there is not yet enough evidence to support their use. […]