Hero English Mother Treats Son’s Cancer with Cannabis – The Story of “The Boy in 7 Billion”

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Hero English mother, Callie Blackwell, appears on ITV to tell nation how cannabis helped her son dying from cancer Deryn Blackwell was suffering from a rare form of cancer Langerhans Cell Sarcoma Callie, Deryn’s brave mother, turned to cannabis after he was given three days to live The young man has made [...]

Irish Mother’s Battle for her Daughter’s Right to Life Saving Cannabis Medicine

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“Heartbroken” Irish mother walked length of Ireland to try and get life-saving medical marijuana for sick daughter. Courageous Vera Twomey walked 260km from Cork down to Dublin in desperate attempt to get access to cannabis-based medication for her daughter Ava Barry, Vera’s daughter, suffers from Dravey Syndrome, a rare intractable form of [...]

The Father of Cannabis: An Exclusive Interview with Dr. Raphael Mechoulam

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Were it not for one man’s efforts, the current cannabis landscape would look more like moonscape. There would be no conversations/blogs on cannabis as a curative medicine, there would be very little known pharmacology; certainly there would be much less clinical information regarding the world’s most captivating herb. That man is Dr. Raphael Mechoulam, professor [...]

Exclusive Interview with Medically Correct

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Exclusive Interview with Medically Correct Here in the United Kingdom, the use of medibles is rare amongst cannabis users. Some of us have memories of hash brownies, often with varying levels of THC. But getting the right dosage can be difficult, and the predominant method of consuming marijuana is by combustion. In Colorado, this is [...]

An Exclusive Interview with Dr. David Casarett

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An Exclusive Interview with Dr. David Casarett As the fight for international access to medical cannabis continues to gather pace, it appears essential that the tipping point for possible scheduling restructure lies in the hands of respected medical professionals vocalizing their approval. A couple of years ago, Dr. David Casarett may not have been the [...]

An Exclusive Interview with Professor Roger Pertwee

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When someone is coveted with the same prestigious award as 3 Nobel Prize winners and 16 Fellows of the Royal Society, it is abundantly clear that their contribution to their profession is significant to say the least. This can be said of Professor Roger Pertwee, who in 2011 was awarded the Wellcome Gold Medal from the [...]