Autism and Marijuana: Mother’s Battle for Whole Plant Research

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She’s an Israeli mother of 3 boys, her oldest, Yuval, 23,  is severely Autistic and treated successfully with cannabis after years of agony. As an activist for years in promoting the rights and legislation for ASD Children and adults in Israel, Via ‘ALUT – the society for autistic children in Israel and [...]

Marijuana and Mental Health: The Miseducation Of Reefer Madness

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As anyone taking a modicum of notice will know, the UK currently finds itself in the grip of mental health crisis. The current situation sees around 6000 people per year commit suicide, of which almost 75% are men, with those under the age of 45 being the greatest affected (The Independent 2016). According [...]

Cannabis and Increased Risk of Mental Illness

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CANNABIS AND INCREASED RISK OF MENTAL ILLNESS From the University of Warwick located in the heart of England, adjacent to the city of Coventry, a research team set out to examine whether cannabis consumption made patients manic or if mania symptoms preceded pot use. In 2015, they published their disturbing findings in the Journal of Affective [...]

4 Key Studies on Cannabis and Mental Health

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4 Key Studies on Cannabis and Mental Health Although opponents of marijuana reform have screamed time and time again that marijuana can make you go crazy, paranoid, delusional, schizophrenic, and what else; luckily, advocates now have a legit scientific study that confirms the opponents are wrong. According to the new research published in the Journal [...]

Jumping the Hurdles: Cannabis Research and Mental Health

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The bewildering humming sounds resembling jackhammer's fill the free space between my brain and the inside of the MRI machine. Lying motionless to such a degree that I focus on my lungs retracting and expanding, ensuring my slight movements will not alter the instruments outcomes. A million dollar state-of-the-art machine braking down boundaries, allowing the [...]