Marijuana and Mental Health: The Miseducation Of Reefer Madness

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As anyone taking a modicum of notice will know, the UK currently finds itself in the grip of mental health crisis. The current situation sees around 6000 people per year commit suicide, of which almost 75% are men, with those under the age of 45 being the greatest affected (The Independent 2016). According [...]

Cannabis and Schizophrenia: The Debate That Won’t Die

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The debate over whether or not cannabis causes schizophrenia is one that has been raging since the dawn of prohibition. We’ve all seen the ludicrous “this is your brain on drugs” adverts, and heard the stark warnings from politicians about how smoking ‘skunk’ will ‘mess with your mind’. But what is the truth? As always, [...]

Study Indicates Cannabis Helps Schizophrenia

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Study Indicates Cannabis Helps Schizophrenia GW Pharmaceuticals(GWPH) of the UK released a study that demonstrates the efficacy of cannabis for the treatment of schizophrenia. GW Pharmaceuticals holds a US patent protecting the use of CBD for the treatment of psychosis and other disorders. So far, GW's pipeline of proprietary cannabinoid products includes Epidiolex® and Sativex®, [...]

Dr. Rasmussen Explains the Truth About Cannabis and Schizophrenia

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CANNABIS AND SCHIZOPHRENIA I’m sure that many of you have already heard the mantra hailing past the naysayer’s camp of commercial medicine that cannabis smoking will increase your risk for psychosis. It’s a frightening argument which provides much needed ordinance for those “thought leaders” in medicine that are opposed to the use of cannabis for treating [...]