• American fast food chain, Carl’s Jr, will trial a CBD-infused burger at on April 20,
  • Carl’s Jr will be the first national fast-food chain to add CBD to its menu
  • The FDA currently prohibits adding CBD to food and beverages.

American fast food chain, Carl’s Jr, is adding a special ingredient ahead of 420, the unofficial global cannabis holiday.

The fast-food restaurant is adding a CBD-infused burger to the menu at one of their Denver locations for one day only: April 20.

The burger will even cost $4.20.

Carl’s Jr will be the first American food chain to add CBD-infused food to its menu.

The “Rocky Mountain High” is a cheese burger featuring two beef patties, pickled jalapenos, pepper jack cheese, waffle fries, and best of all, about 5 milligrams of CBD extract in the burger chain’s signature sauce, “Santa Fe Sauce”.

While products containing CBD became federally legal in the US last December after President Trump signed the Farm Bill, the FDA strictly forbids adding CBD to food products. The FDA will discuss how to further regulate CBD in a public meetings next month.

Local health departments across America have been cracking down on establishments selling CBD-infused foods and drinks, but that hasn’t deterred Carl’s Jr from running one of the potentially best 420 promotions we’ve seen in years.

Carl’s Jr’s williness to take the plunge ahead of rivals such as McDonald’s or Burger King, may be due to the fact that the chain is not publicly traded, so a crack down would only affect the single store selling the CBD-burger, located at Mile High City, making it somewhat less of a risk.

While the lucky few who live in Denver, Colorado, will be able to try the world’s first CBD-infused fast food burger, we in Britain may soon see an end to the seemingly unending barrage of CBD products on our high streets, after British watchdogs announced they are planning to ban sales of popular cannabinoid supplement CBD oil.

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