A British mother has had her daughter’s legal medical cannabis prescription confiscated at an airport for the second time.

Emma Appleby, mother of severely epileptic Teagn, had travelled to the Netherlands with Labour MP Tonia Antoniazzi, to pick up a private prescription for medical cannabis.

Despite having the legal prescription, police confiscated Emma’s daughter’s potentially life-saving medication because she was unable to afford an import license.

Archaic, restrictive laws in the UK forced Emma to pay £2,500 for her private prescription. That’s just one month’s supply of medical cannabis for her daughter.

Teagan, who suffers up to 300 seizures a day, has been diagnosed with a rare chromosomal disorder called Isodicentric 15, as well as Lennox-Gastaut syndrome, an intractable, drug-resistant type of epilepsy.

Discussing the heartbreaking decision by UK officials to confiscate her daughter’s medication, Emma said:

“There seems no end to the stress and trauma of trying to access the medical cannabis that I have proved beyond doubt transforms the life of my daughter Teagan.

“I am exhausted and shattered but I’ve seen how this medicine transforms my daughter’s life.

“I have to find a way forward. The NHS just won’t prescribe.

“This is unforgivably cruel and unfair.”

Criticising the restrictive new laws introduced by the Conservatives, Antoniazzi added:

“Emma should not have to get a private prescription and have to cope with going abroad to get the medicine with all the bureaucracy this entails.

“She should be able to get it on the NHS. Emma has enough to do caring for her very sick daughter.”

A government spokesman said:

“It is unlawful to import unlicensed cannabis-based products for medicinal use to the UK without a Home Office importation licence.

“There is an established regulatory system which enables the importation of these products to the UK via pharmaceutical wholesalers, so they can be dispensed to UK resident patients prescribed these products by a specialist doctor.

“Border Force has a duty to enforce the law and stop the unlawful import of controlled substances into the UK.”

Restricting access to medical cannabis on the NHS offers no benefit to British society. It does not stop patients using cannabis illegally, nor does it prevent desperate parents from trying all avenues to get their children safe, effective medication.

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