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    My Father has been diagnosed with rectal cancer a few years back. He went through treatment to shrink the tumour and the severity of the cancer was down-staged. We thought things were successful but a recent check from the hospital has shown the cancer has come back and he now needs major surgery and a colostomy bag.

    He said he’d like to try cannabis oil as watching a few YouTube videos has given him some hope. I’ve had a little look myself but I’m very much a beginner and lots of videos give differing information which I guess is because different types of cancer or other illnesses require different methods of cannabis oil treatment.

    I’d like to ask the community what the best type of cannabis oil, preparation & dosage will suit his type of cancer. If the effects are positive, is there any hope he can avoid a colostomy bag (he’s 50/50 whether to accept surgery at it stands)? Due to legal issues, what is the best way to source products from an expert in the North West of UK? If there are difficulties sourcing the oil, is it easy to get hold of the seeds to take on the task of preparing at home?

    Sorry if this seems like a bombardment of questions, it’s a little emotional at home and we both have no experience with cannabis.

    Any advice is highly appreciated,


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    Hi Peter,

    I’m sorry to read of your fathers condition. In regards to cannabis oil, he will need High THC oil and some CBD oil (Not what you can buy online)And he will need lots of it. We can administer the cannabinoids in a manner that he will not get high too.

    Being realistic, you are far better off growing you own meds, unless you know someone you can fully trust? Seed to harvest you are looking at around 16 weeks. 8 plants would be ideal.

    Seeds and growing equipment are all online and ready to purchase. Just google cannabis seeds UK

    This gets quite involved but i can help you out with any info but first, you need to get some high grade cannabis, don’t buy cannabis oil from the streets!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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