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    Hi there,

    Im a 23 year old male who has suffered with depression for the past three years. Its been pretty damn hard to deal with but I’m always trying to keep looking forward and keep doing what I love, which is playing guitar and making music. Yesterday I was diagnosed with Severe Chronic Blepharitis which is a disease of the glands in my upper and lower eyelids. I have been struggling with the symptoms for nearly a year and have been to loads of doctors who didn’t really think much of it. This disease has made my depression worse but I have found solace in a particular medicine that is incredibly hard to come by here in the UK due to its illegal status. When trying to deal with the symptoms of Blepharitis, I found that using eyedrops, antibiotics and ointments hardly helped. As I have used cannabis to treat my depression when it gets really bad, I thought I’d give it a try to treat my eye condition. What the cannabis helped me with was to keep my focus and keep my mind centred on what I truly desire in life, rather than think about the way my eyes look and feel as well as my obscured vision due to the disease. Unfortunately, because this is the UK I can’t acquire cannabis very easily at all and it is a day to day struggle to find someone who can help. Most of the people I have bought from are only concerned about the money and there is no sure way to know what exactly they have put in the cannabis they are selling and what strain the it is. I have had a couple of instances where the cannabis has not sat right with me, but if I’m lucky I can get my hands on some really good stuff that does wonders for my Blepharitis and my Depression. I am tight on money and I am on Job Seekers allowance so I have to make compromises when purchasing my medication. I can only buy it in small doses which cost an arm and a leg, but its worth it if it helps me recover from the horrible symptoms I live with everyday. The illnesses I am suffering from obviously can’t be compared to life threatening conditions such as Cancer or MS for instance, but these conditions affect my day to day life and will continue to do so for as long as I’m alive. There is also a risk of me going blind if my symptoms get worse and although it is something I am coming to terms with, I would rather just not think about it and continue doing what I love and doing what I want with my life ,without the incredible stresses these conditions bring me. Sorry for rambling on, I guess I just wanted to ask you guys what your take on this is? Do any of you suffer with the things I’ve described? And do any of you use cannabis to help? I’m looking for any help I can get and I’m willing to pay for good quality medicine but I also wanted to know if there is actually any out there, or am I just on a fools errand? Cheers for taking the time to read this if any of you do, I appreciate it.

    Louis Calisse, 23, UK

    PS: If any of you are keen to contact me my email address is louiscalisse@gmail.com.
    I’m always looking for people who can help so If any of you know someone I’d be grateful if you could give me their contact details or just let them know I’m
    someone looking for help.

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