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    Hello All

    I just joined this community as medicinal cannabis is a common suggestion among chronic autoimmune sufferer. However, whilst the NHS is extremely good for most of my care, in the area of pain relief, they are sadly lacking. I was diagnosed in 2012 with sarcoid and have been experiencing severe symptoms since that time. I currently take Oxycodone, Oxycontin, Hydroxychloroquine, Naproxen and Nortriptyline daily, along with copious amounts of ibuprofen. The side effects alone of all that medication are frustrating but the worst part is that I’m still in tremendous and ever increasing pain. The main culprits are my joints as I have arthritis in all of them. My sarc has also formed granulomas in most areas producing the feeling of having shards of crushed glass in my joints whenever I move. That’s the worst but not the only source of my pain, I won’t go into the rest but the constant fatigue as well as lack of sleep due to pain have reduced my functionality down to about zero.

    So, that’s my sad tale done. What I want to do is try cannabis as a pain reliever and as a sedative to hopefully get me some uninterrupted rest. I have absolutely no experience with cannabis other than the obligatory high school “once behind the bike sheds” type deal. I’m thinking that the best/most practical solution would be for me to grow my own plant(s) but again, I have no idea how that works. The timescales involved, when/what to harvest, what the typical yield is from a single plant and how many i’d therefore need. Basically, I’m a complete noob at this. I’m aware of the legality involved but frankly, I’d rather take my chances than continue to live in hell.

    Would anyone kindly be able to walk me through the basics and help me answer the questions I don’t even know to ask?

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