• Lidl is adding two Cannabidiol (CBD) products to its Swiss stores
  • Hemp flowers and pre-rolled CBD cigarettes will be on offer to Swiss customers
  • Local Swiss company “The Botanicals” will supply the CBD products

Popular German supermarket Lidl has launched a range of Cannabidiol (CBD) products in its Swiss stores.

Teaming up with local start-up company, “The Botanicals,” Lidl will stock two hemp products containing CBD: Hemp flowers and pre-rolled “hemp cigarettes.”

Lidl CBD cannabis

Lidl’s new CBD range: Hemp Cigarettes and Hemp Pouches

The hemp flowers are designed to be used as a substitute for traditional tobacco products, and have been available since 19 April 2018 in the Swiss branches.

The hemp cigarettes will contain less than 1% THC, the psychoactive chemical in cannabis, so buyers will not be able to get high with them.

CBD cigarettes with marijuana cigarettes

CBD cigarettes: a healthier alternative to tobacco?

The hemp cigarettes will be available in a 1.5 gram box (Indoor) at a price of CHF 17.99 (£13.50), while the 3 gram bags of raw hemp (Greenhouse) will be available for CHF 19.99 (£15).

Grown exclusively in Switzerland by “The Botanicals,” the hemp plants are grown in semi-automated greenhouses and specially designed indoor facilities.

The Botanicals only uses organic agricultural processes, abstaining from adding chemicals or GMOs, ensuring the best quality possible for their products.

The Botanicals: local Swiss start-up Hemp company

Cultivation of Botanical hemp is conducted according to the GACP guidelines (“Good Agricultural And Collection Practice”) of the European Medicines Agency.

German and French Lidl customers living near the Swiss border will be able to hop across the border and bring the legal CBD products back, but may have to wait a while before Lidl expands its CBD products to other European stores.

British customers may have to wait even longer before The Botanical products end up on our shelves.

While European law allows hemp products to contain up to 1% THC, THC is entirely banned from finished products in the UK, meaning these products will be illegal on British shores.

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