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British Mother Tells Heartbreaking Story: Still Without Access to Medical Cannabis for Epileptic Daughter

November 16th, 2018|0 Comments

Medical Cannabis was legalised in Britain on 1st November However, thousands of parents are still unable to access cannabis-based medication for their children "Mother X" told us in her own words how cannabis is helping her epileptic daughter, and the distress her family is still in due to the British Government failing to deliver on their promise to [...]


Leading Police and Crime Commissioner believes “sensible discussion” needed on cannabis in the UK

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Hardyal Dhindsa, PCC for Derbyshire, “impressed” by UK’s increasing numbers of cannabis clubs Dhindsa joins a growing number of PCCs calling for a rethink on cannabis laws in the UK 100s of cannabis [...]

Cannabis based drugs: how will they be used in practice in the UK?

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Medical cannabis was legalised for doctors to prescribe on 1 November But who will be able to issue these products, for what conditions, and what’s the evidence? In this article, we will provide a [...]

Thousands of severely ill children abandoned by British Government’s Medical Cannabis guidelines

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Early November headlines in the UK press raved about how ‘medical cannabis is now legally available on the NHS.’ Official guidelines from the NHS detailed how The Government “announced plans to reschedule certain cannabis-based [...]

A Step-by-Step Guide to Making Medical Cannabis Oil Tincture

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Do you need access to medicinal cannabis?  Could you be making full spectrum cannabis tinctures? Here, we provide a detailed, step by step guide to safely making your own cannabis oil tincture at [...]