Project Description

What is Cannabicyclol (CBL)?

Cannabicyclol (CBL) is a non-psychotomimetic cannabinoid found in the Cannabis species. CBL is a degradative product like cannabinol. Light converts cannabichromene to CBL.

Hidden in the shadows of other more prevalent cannabinoids, CBL is found in extremely small doses in cannabis plants and has been infrequently studied. Its positive medical values have yet to be researched but it is expected that future studies will decipher its properties.

Official Research Reports

Total syntheses of cannabicyclol, clusiacyclol A and B, iso-eriobrucinol A and B, and eriobrucinol. (Yeom HS, Li H, Tang Y, Hsung RP, 2014)

Effects of cannabinoids on macromolecular synthesis and replication of cultured lymphocytes. (Nahas GG, Morishima A, Desoize B, 1977)

The inhibition of DNA synthesis by cannabinoids. (Carchman RA, Harris LS, Munson AE., 1976)