• Cannabis may help you exercise better for longer, according to new study
  • Researchers in Colorado found those who use cannabis 1 hour before, or up to 4 hours after exercise, have a “better experience”

A new study has found evidence that suggests using cannabis before or after exercising “improves” the experience while aiding in recovery.

The report even suggested that those who use cannabis to enhance their exercise routine may actually be getting a healthier amount than those who do not use cannabis.

Researchers at the University of Colorado surveyed over 600 cannabis users in legal States to determine the impact cannabis use has on exercise.

The study, published this month in the journal Frontiers in Public Health, found that of the 600 surveyed, nearly 500 participants said they use cannabis either one hour before, or up to four hours after, exercising.

Researchers found that those who reported they used cannabis before or after exercise worked out for longer than those who didn’t use cannabis.

Those who used cannabis in conjunction with exercise worked out for 43 minutes longer for aerobic exercise and 30 minutes longer for anaerobic exercise.

70% of respondents responded that they ‘agree or strongly agree’ that “cannabis increases enjoyment of exercise,” with 78% claiming that cannabis “enhances recovery from exercise,” with a further 50% claiming it “increases motivation.”

Discussing the results of the research, the study authors wrote:

“To our knowledge, this is the first study to survey attitudes and behavior regarding the use of cannabis before and after exercise, and to examine differences between cannabis users who engage in co-use, compared to those who do not.

“Given both the spreading legalization of cannabis and the low rates of physical activity in the US, it behooves public health officials to understand the potential effects—both beneficial and harmful—of cannabis use on exercise behaviors.”

Despite the common myth that cannabis makes those who use it “lazy” or “unproductive,” research like this study adds to the growing body of evidence that this stereotype holds no truth in reality.

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