• Cannabis talk, hosted by Funzing, is coming to Manchester at the end of April
  • “Rolling Stoned” is looking to raise awareness of the science behing how cannabis works
  • Gary Cooper, a former Biology Lecturer and founder of Coops Roots, will be hosting the event
  • Tickets are on sale now

A cannabis talk is coming to Manchester, courtesy of Coops Roots and Funzing.

Rolling Stoned – The Science of Weed,” will take its audience through the history of cannabis and the science behind how the ancient medical herb works with the human body.

Gary Cooper, a former Biology Lecturer-turned-cannabis activist, organised the event with the intention of raising awareness of medical cannabis amongst the wider public:

“I hope the talk will educate the general public on the importance of Cannabis sativa as a medicine and its history as medicine in the UK.

“I’m also hoping to raise awareness for those currently suffering with life-long debilitating, and often degenerative, conditions who benefit every day in the UK from using Cannabis effectively to treat often life altering illnesses such as; Cancer, Fibromyalgia syndrome, Joint Hypermobility syndrome and many more.

smelling cannabis

Gary Cooper with his choice of medication

“I want to show people a healthier alternative to prescription medications that can effectively treat pain, inflammation, anxiety and depression, naturally.”

The former Biological lecturer was inspired to hold the talks after medical cannabis ‘saved’ him from a life-time of pharmaceutical drug addiction:

“Medicinal Cannabis was the catalyst that brought me back from a void of opioid abuse, anxiety, self-isolation and depression.

“After I lost my job as a lecturer in biological sciences due to the sudden advancement of my condition.

“I suffer from Marfan syndrome, a connective tissue disorder which causes my joints to involuntarily dislocate and cause subluxation.

“It [the pain] became too much as I was cycling to and from work on dislocating knees, stopping along the way to vomit from the bombardment of pills I was taking.

Medicinal Cannabis was the catalyst that brought me back from a void of opioid abuse, anxiety, self-isolation and depression.
– Gary Cooper, Host of Rolling Stoned

However, in his darkest hour, Cooper found relief from cannabis:

“As soon as I came off all my prescription medications I started to feel better.

“Cannabis was controlling the pain more effectively than any amount of capsules, and now I have learned to moderate and dose Cannabinoids more effectively, alongside dietary change and physical activity.

medication cannabis

Medications made from Cannabis: a safer alternative to opioid medication

Cooper’s success with his battle against opioid addiction now motivates him to try and inspire others to try and take back control of their lives:

“I pass my story onto others in the hope that they can better treat their conditions and possibly come off prescription medications that long-term have severe detrimental effects on the body.

“Cannabis is medicine and I am proof, just like so many others!

“Some of them will be joining me on the night.

As well as a detailed lecture on the history of cannabis and its (so-far) known medical applications, the event will also include a Q&A, where attendees will be invited to ask questions on the topics covered.

One of the most interesting topics of the lecture will be the Endocannabinoid System:

“The only biological system I have not taught in a classroom as a lecturer is the Endocannabinoid system,” Cooper explained, “and I have a lot to talk about it!”

Cooper’s passion for educating the public on the medicinal benefits of cannabis led him to founding Coops Roots, an organization which works with local charities and communities, raising awareness about cannabis with the goal to change public perception of cannabis for the better.

One of the greatest issues facing the legalisation effort in the UK is the lack of access and awareness offered to members of the public who do not already support medical cannabis.

Often cannabis activists will find themselves at an event surrounded by people who already agree with the argument to legalise.

Cooper hopes his event will be able to transcend this obstacle:

“I think due to the sudden influx of medical cannabis-based news stories in the mainstream news, not to mention the research coming from other countries, a lot of people are becoming more curious about Cannabis.

“However, it is still seen as a taboo subject, despite its incredible health benefits, due to its illegality.

“I hope that people will attend with an open mind and join me in re-discovering our history alongside the medicinal use of the Cannabis plant.

“Public perception of cannabis has been buried under years of propaganda and lies used by the UK government, who, by-the-way, grew 95,000 kilograms of medicinal Cannabis last year.

“The UK government still claims that Cannabis has no medicinal value, it is hypocrisy and it is so very wrong that so many people in the UK who could benefit from Cannabis based medicines do not have access.”

“Rolling Stoned” will be held at Leaf in Manchester.

Tickets for “Rolling Stoned,” can be bought from Funzing’s website for just £12.

We will be attending the event, if you have a story you’d like to share on the night to help raise awareness of medical cannabis, please feel free to message us.