• The team behind ‘Pineapple Express’ have launched their own cannabis company
  • Based in Vancouver, Houseplant, will sell a range of cannabis products across Canada
  • Houseplant have created three original strains for their launch
  • Other celebrity stoners who have their own cannabis companies include Willie Nelson, Tommy Chong and Snoop Dogg

Seth Rogan has teamed up with Evan Goldberg again to launch their own cannabis company.

Rogan and Goldberg’s previous collaborations include the legendary comedies Superbad, Sausage Party, The Interview and the iconic ‘stoner-flick,’ Pineapple Express.

Now, the duo has combined their passion for cannabis launching Houseplant, a cannabis company based in Canada, to “make it easier for people to learn to love cannabis.”

Houseplant will be working closely with global cannabis firm Canopy Growth to bring original strains and cannabis products to the emerging recreational cannabis market in Canada, where cannabis is legal country-wide following legalisation earlier this year.

Discussing their new collaboration, Rogan explained how the creation of Houseplant was a product of the pairs dedication and respect for cannabis:

“Houseplant is a passion we’ve brought to life through drive and dedication.

“Every decision we’ve made for the business reflects the years of education, first-hand experience and respect we have for cannabis.”

“We are so proud to be launching in Canada, our home,” Goldberg added.

“After spending five years diligently preparing for the launch of this company, we’re excited to be able to share our passion for cannabis with Canadians in this way.”

Discussing the launch of the new collaboration, Mark Zekulin, President and Co-CEO of Canopy Growth, expressed his hopes for a bright future with Houseplant:

“We have been getting to know the Houseplant team for quite a while now and continue to be impressed by their understanding of the cannabis consumer, attention to detail, and drive towards their vision.

“We could not be more excited to partner with them and work towards our shared goal of making Houseplant one of the largest cannabis brands in the world.”

Houseplant will be launching three original strains: Houseplant Sativa, Houseplant Indica, and Houseplant Hybrid.

The first, Houseplant Sativa, will be available for Canadians from next month via provincially regulated retailers and online in British Columbia.

The company will offer dried cannabis flower, soft-gel capsules, and pre-rolled joints nationwide.

Houseplant is a passion we’ve brought to life through drive and dedication.
Seth Rogan, Comedian and Cannabis Legend

Canopy Growth is no stranger to working with well-known cannabis celebrities.

The cannabis firm is already working with Martha Stewart on a range of hemp and CBD products.

Tweed, a subsidiary of Canopy Growth, has been working with Snoop Dogg for years, launching a range of cannabis products, including flowers and edibles, called “Leafs by Snoop.”

Range of cannabis products endorsed by Snoop Dogg on green background

“Leafs by Snoop”: Snoop’s line of cannabis products

Legendary cannabis celebrities Willie Nelson and Tommy Chong have long been involved in the cannabis industry.

Nelson launched “Willie’s Reserve,” in 2015, selling a range of cannabis products, including flowers, edibles and even vape cartridges, all complete with their own distinctive design embracing his Native American heritage.

Cannabis products on white background

All of the “Willie’s Reserve” cannabis products bare a design heralding the legendary folk singer’s Native American heritage

Chong’s collaboration with Paradise Seeds, Chong’s Choice, includes a similar range of products based off three original strains (Blue Kush Berry, L.A. Amnesia, and Medocino Skunk).

Whether Rogan and Goldberg’s venture into the cannabis industry will achieve the same level of success remains to be seen, but the comedy duo’s foray into one of the world’s fastest growing markets can only signal a positive step forward for the public perception of cannabis.

With more and more celebrities attaching their names to cannabis products, the normalisation of cannabis truly is in full swing.

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