Two weeks ago, the owners of KanaVape introduced the first marijuana-infused e-cigarette to UK market. This announcement comes in the midst of France’s developing marijuana political landscape. Recently, a leading French publication, Le Monde, published an editorial on the future of marijuana in France. The editorial criticized the effectiveness of France’s marijuana laws as being repressive and a waste of government funds. France’s Health Minister, Marisol Touraine, has come out strongly against the product and its production. By taking this stance, France’s administration is essentially showing how out of touch it is with its citizens.

The irony is that KanaVape pens will not actually get you faded. The point of these pens is to provide users with the ability to enjoy the full flavor and medical benefits of cannabis without any of the stony side effects. Specifically, the owners of KanaVape claim that their products do not contain any THC and the result is that the user experiences no psychoactive or euphoric effect.

As the smoke begins to clear on the legality of marijuana products in the UK, companies like KanaVape will continue to develop new methods of consumption that both satisfy their users and meet government regulations.

Source: UK Introduction of Cannabis E-Cigs