About Us

Encouraging Discussion, Research and Compassion

Welcome to Medical Marijuana UK, the UK’s largest online resource for news, information, research and personal testaments on medical marijuana.

With the increasing clinical evidence demonstrating cannabis as a powerful anti-cancer agent and the cancer epidemic facing many of us, the fact that people across the UK and the world are treating themselves effectively yet illegally for multiple ailments with cannabis, makes us feel that all Governments should legalise cannabis for medicinal use without further delay.

We believe that Cannabis is a medicine and has always been a medicine, and under the Declaration of Human Rights Act and the European Charter of Patients’s Rights we have a right to medicine, a right to access, a right to free choice and a right to avoid unnecessary suffering and pain. Why are we being denied this natural medicine?

Our Mission

  • Increase awareness of all the medicinal properties of the Cannabis Sativa L plant.
  • To increase awareness of cannabis oil as a safe and effective treatment for cancer.
  • Encourage the UK government to recognise that cannabis has therapeutic value and to modify its scheduling accordingly.
  • Increase funding for independent research into cannabis, cannabis extracts and their therapeutic benefits.