Products and Extracts

Our comprehensive guide to cannabis products and extracts

Medical marijuana exists in many different forms. In recent years the rise in public interest and increased awareness has led to a boom in new cannabis and cannabinoid products. But like any new and emerging industry it can be difficult for the uninitiated to get to grips with. Although there are a variety of different cannabis products, most of which we cover here, the most confusing information pertains to cannabis Oil and CBD oil. In this case it largely falls to the misleading and often unethical advertising techniques adopted by companies selling CBD oil.

Here is where we will make an important distinction; CBD oil is not necessarily the same as cannabis oil. More often than not, CBD oil is made from high CDB hemp that contains little or no THC and few if any other cannabinoids.

CBD oil made from hemp is not cannabis oil and consequently does not provide the same benefits.

Since discovering the wide-ranging medicinal benefits of marijuana, many researchers, scientific experts and cultivators have experimented with varying forms of cannabis. Today, a number of different products derived from cannabis are regularly recommended and ingested with significant health benefits. In this section, we provide you with detailed information on all medically beneficial marijuana products and extracts.