New Study Finds Cannabis Reduces Chance of Obesity and Diabetes

By | September 11th, 2017|Categories: Blood Pressure, Cannabis, Diabetes, Obesity, Research|

New research has found that rates of obesity and diabetes are a third lower in regular cannabis users than those who don’t use cannabis at all Despite consuming 600 more calories a day, regular cannabis users had lower BMI than non-cannabis users Could cannabis be the secret to staying thin? A new study [...]

Harm Reduction in the Use of Marijuana – Atrial Fibrillation

By | May 20th, 2015|Categories: Blood Pressure|

When we compare smoking marijuana to the other “drugs of abuse” we usually give pot a big thumbs up, and paint it in a positive light. And for good reason, marijuana is incredibly safe. Pot’s worst side effects don’t seem worse than tripping over one’s shoelaces, unless you prefer hiking in a Cambodian mine field. [...]