HIV Positive Man Arrested for Cannabis Use by 60 Man SWAT Team

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Gregg Levendoski depends on medical marijuana more than the average patient - Levendoski is co-infected with HIV and Hepatitis C. He's also a victim of multiple forms of cancer. Levendoski's battered immune system needs more than convential medicine can offer. Apache county police in Arizona decided they needed a 60-man task force equipped with tanks [...]

Can Medical Cannabis Help HIV/AIDS Patients?

By | July 13th, 2015|Categories: HIV|

Medical marijuana currently has a strong case for treating seizures and chronic pain- but what about HIV/AIDS? Many have cited Penny F. Whiting's report Cannabinoids for Medical Use. Whiting's thorough investigation on the benefits/risks of medical marijuana was published last month in The Journal of the American Medical Association. Of the 79 clinical studies, four focused [...]

HIV Researcher Receives $1 Million Donation from Marijuana Producer

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On June 8th an HIV researcher at the University of British Columbia received a $1 million donation from National Green Biomed, a major Canadian medical marijuana producer. National Green Biomed is attempting to obtain a license from Health Canada to produce and sell medical marijuana legally. The size of the donation is a reminder how [...]

How Cannabis Prevents Insulin Resistance in Patients Co-infected With HIV and Hepatitis C

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Drug resistance is a real threat for HIV+ patients. A nagging worry that doesn't go away. Patients frequently develop resistance to medications because of the high mutation rate of HIV. HIV adapts to nearly any situation in the body. Patients are not advised to skip even one day of medication. Once resistant, the drug is [...]

How Cannabis helped this HIV Patient

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I was infected with HIV in 2011. I take antiretrovirals, steroids, and medical marijuana. Medical marijuana enables me to go jogging, it increases my appetite, and it is the only treatment that hasn't had severe lasting side effects on my body. I'm in a serodiscordant couple- my husband is HIV-negative. In addition to the growing [...]

Marijuana for Appetite Stimulation in Cancer and HIV Patients

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Why do we all salivate and desire flavour when smoking cannabis? Are ‘the munchies’ caused by the substance or does our body need the extra energy?... obviously not. A team of European neuroscientists led by Giovanni Marsicano from the University of Bordeaux found that, in mice, THC fits into receptors in the brain's olfactory bulb, [...]

Florida Republican Aims To Legalize Medical Marijuana

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A top Florida Republican filed a bill Monday that would legalize medical marijuana in the state, just months after a similar ballot measure received a majority of voter support, but fell just short of the percentage needed to pass. Florida state Sen. Jeff Brandes (R) filed The Florida Medical Marijuana Act, a bill that would [...]