Irish Mother’s Battle for her Daughter’s Right to Life Saving Cannabis Medicine

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“Heartbroken” Irish mother walked length of Ireland to try and get life-saving medical marijuana for sick daughter. Courageous Vera Twomey walked 260km from Cork down to Dublin in desperate attempt to get access to cannabis-based medication for her daughter Ava Barry, Vera’s daughter, suffers from Dravey Syndrome, a rare intractable form of [...]

The Use of Highly Concentrated CBD Preparations in the Treatment of Child Seizures

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This article discusses the compelling results from using a highly concentrated CBD cannabis oil in terminating or significantly reducing seizure activity in children suffering from rare and intractable seizure disorders. WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT? Right now, there is an overwhelming need to find a medication that can help a significant number of children who suffer [...]

Girl Suffering with 400 Seizures a Day Becomes First Medical Marijuana Patient in Mexico

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First Medical Marijuana Patient in Mexico Graciela Elizalde, age 8, suffers 400 seizures per day, and for this reason, she is the first authorized consumer to medicate with medical marijuana in Mexico. August 8, the Health Ministry of Mexico announced that it would process the paperwork in order to get the medication to alleviate Graciela's [...]

The Efficacy of Cannabis on Seizures, As Explained by Dr. Rasmussen

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One of the most frightening, life-threatening events that can occur in susceptible patients is developing a seizure that conventional medications cannot prevent or break. It’s called status epilepticus. Here’s the main problem. During a seizure there is uncontrolled firing of neurons in parts of the brain or globally. During this period of increased brain activity, [...]