Devon cancer patient freed by judge after being caught growing medical cannabis

By | November 2nd, 2017|Categories: Cancer, Cannabis, Cannabis Prohibiton, Legalisation, Multiple Sclerosis, News, Pain, Prison, Terminal, UK|

A group of terminally ill patients formed a cannabis club to help provide pain relief Christopher Ostermeyer was handed a suspended sentence after a judge learned why they were growing the illegal herb Two of the club of four have passed away A group of cancer patients in Devon banded together to set [...]

Terminally ill man charged after using Cannabis instead of Morphine

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A terminally ill man has been charged after using cannabis to help relieve the symptoms of his terminal illness. Stuart Rogers was found with 18 bags of cannabis in his car after police pulled him over in a traffic stop. Magistrates in Blackburn, Lancashire heard in court that Rogers did not care what happened to [...]