Alexis Bortell, 9, now 33 days Seizure free after using Cannabis Oil

9-year-old Texan Alexis Bortell has now been seizure free for 33 days, after moving to Colorado to gain access to cannabis oil.

Bortell, who used to have dozens of seizures every day, but after switching from using pharmaceuticals to cannabis oil, her symptoms have halted completely.

Speaking to the media, Bortell’s father Dean stated, “We thought if we could get down to one ‘episode’ a week it would be a miracle. This week marks four weeks and zero symptoms. We are completely amazed.”

The Bortell family had hoped to return to Texas after the state legalized cannabis oil for epilepsy patients earlier this week. However, the strict regulations of the bill mean that Alexis would have to switch to a more CBD rich oil, something that the family are not willing to risk given their current success.

For now, the family will remain in Colorado as medical marijuana “refugees”, in order to continue the incredible success of their daughters new medicine.

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