9-year-old girl seizure free after using cannabis oil for one day

A 9 year old girl has had her first seizure free day in years after using cannabis oil…for just 24 hours.

Amelia Weaver of Hibbing, Minnesota has Dravet Syndrome, a rare form of epilepsy that has been frequently covered in cannabis news after various reports of successful treatments.

Weaver would normally have between 30 and 80 seizures a day and her parents were looking for alternative medicine after no improvement in the young girls condition.

On Thursday 23rd July, Amelia’s parents picked up their first 20 day supply of cannabis oil, with the 9 year old given her first dose on Friday morning.

Incredibly, Amelia had no seizures on Friday or Saturday. As of Monday afternoon, she has had just 2 seizures.

Speaking to the media, Amelia amazed mother said,

“We gave her her first dose on Friday morning and she had a seizure-free day. We know and we understand that Amelia has a very serious medical condition, but all the advocating and all the fighting and all the work was worth it for just one drop-free day.”

“You can look at her now, and she’s focusing for the first time since she started having seizures. She’s looking at you in the eye. … Her body has calmed down. She’s starting to smile. It’s amazing.”