Australian Couple Charged After Running Compassion Club for Twenty Years

An Australian couple from Carrum Downs, New South Wales are taking their cannabis crusade to the Crown Court of Australia. The couple face criminal charges of trafficking, possessing and cultivating cannabis.

In what is expected to be a landmark case in Australia, Matthew and Elisabeth Pallet have chosen to defend themselves and elected to be tried by a jury of their peers.

“We’re going to put this to a jury and let the people decide whether compassion is a crime” Said Matthew Pallet at a press conference.

Mr and Mrs Pallet run a compassion club from their farmstead. They grow cannabis in their own home and have been helping people illegally for twenty years. Cancer patients, Epilepsy sufferers and people in pain were given access to tinctures, butters, oils and CBD rich cannabis by Matthew and Elisabeth. Helping up to 80 patients a year with access to cannabis medicine, they provided a service to their local community which Doctors and Government health services couldn’t lawfully offer. Like most compassion clubs their cannabis medicine was given for free with donations accepted.

“What could we have possibly done wrong? We’ve saved lives, we’ve given people back their lives.” Elisabeth Pallet said.

The big tragedy of this situation is patients having their access to cannabis medicine restricted. Oleg Plotkin has a 17 year old son, Gabrielle who suffers from severe epilepsy. The Pallets had been providing him with CBD rich cannabis oil and he was at court to testify to the medical efficacy of their medicine:

“His seizures reduced, they became less severe, but more importantly his sleep improved,” Oleg Plotkin said.

The family’s supply has now been cut and they are having to ration what medicine they have left for Gabrielle, and have noticed a considerable worsening of his condition as a result. Other patients are in more serious conditions with one death already being attributed to the Police by Mrs Pallet from the confiscation of their Cannabis Oil medicine.

As the States of New South Wales and Queensland are starting medical marijuana trails for the terminally Ill and the Australian Prime Minister has stated that he does not object to the medicinal use of marijuana, this case should be interesting. With many of the Compassion Club’s patients expected to testify and with a keen interest in the couple in the Australian media, the Pallets are hoping to make this a landmark case in the legalisation movement in Australia.

“Our resolve is absolute. We will drag this law into the 21st century.”

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