Australian State Commits $9m to Medical Cannabis Research

Today, the New South Wales government has pledged $9 million for medical marijuana trials in the state.

The $9 million, which will be paid over 4 years will fund trials involving children with severe epilepsy, patients undergoing chemotherapy and adults with terminal illnesses.

In another exciting move for Australia, two other state governments have revealed that they will soon be following New South Wales in medical marijuana funding. Queensland and Victoria have pledged to commit money to further research into the medical benefits of cannabis.

Australia’s Medical Research Minister Pru Goward told the press;

“Medical research unlocks new treatment for disease, offers hope, delivers cures, keeps people well and out of hospital. At its best [it] profoundly improves lives.”

Australia made headlines earlier this year, when Sydney millionaire Barry Lambert donated $33.7 million to the University of Sydney for more research to be conducted on the therapeutic benefits of cannabis. Lambert credits medical cannabis for saving the life of his 3-year-old epileptic granddaughter.