British Mother given all-clear after using medical cannabis oil to treat terminal cancer

  • Joy Smith was diagnosed with incurable bowel and stomach cancer in 2016
  • After chemo gave her sepsis, Joy had to find an alternative treatment: medical cannabis
  • The mother has now been given the all-clear, showing that cannabis has an amazing potential to be used as a cancer treatment
  • Cannabis oil is still illegal in the UK, unless you have a prescription, which costs up to £40k a year

A British mother, who has illegally been using medical cannabis, has been given the all-clear by doctors after battling terminal cancer for two years.

Joy Smith, 52, was diagnosed with incurable bowel and stomach cancer in August 2016. Her doctors told her she only had 6 weeks to live.

However, two-years later, Joy has been given the all-clear, all thanks to an illegal medicine: medical cannabis.

Joy was initially treated with traditional cancer treatments, going for chemotherapy treatments every two weeks for three days. Doctors told Joy that the chemo would not save her, but might buy her more time.

However, the chemo had to be stopped due to developing sepsis, forcing Joy to find an alternative, less threatening, treatment.

British white woman in hospital smiling while having chemotherapy treatment
Putting on a brave face Despite facing a terminal diagnosis, Joy’s spirit shined on!

Fortunately for Joy, her friends had been researching alternative cancer treatments online, coming across medical cannabis, providing her with her first dose of medical cannabis in the form of a tablet.

Joy was initially reluctant to try medical cannabis due to her lack of knowledge about it, but did so anyway out of desperation to survive the cancer.

The first dose of medical cannabis left Joy feeling “drunk” and struggling to speak.

After researching medical cannabis herself, Joy came across amazing stories online of others who had successfully treated their cancers with the illegal drug.   

The medical cannabis proved to be a real revelation for the British mother. After months of regularly taking cannabis, containing the apparently ‘dangerous’ THC, scans showed that Joy’s ‘inoperable tumours’  had nearly completely disappeared.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Joy expressed her surprise and delight at the news she had been given the all-clear by her doctors:

“I keep pinching myself to see if this is real. I am being monitored every three months, but other than that I have no more treatment planned.

“I am just so happy. This is all down to the cannabis oil. I shouldn’t be here, but I am.

“My daughter is in Australia at the minute and when I told her she thought I was lying.

“Everyone around me has been amazing, I have an army behind me and they’re all so happy.”

“I am just so happy. This is all down to the cannabis oil. I shouldn’t be here, but I am.”
Joy Smith, Medical Cannabis Warrior

Joy truly does have an army behind her: The mother set up a petition to truly legalise access to medical cannabis in the UK, which has gathered over 82,0000 signatures to date.

Inspired by her own success, Joy is now writing her incredible story into a book to help guide others in their own medical cannabis journeys:

“I have got to get it legalised.

“I am so happy, happier than I have ever been. I just keep sharing the petition and hope it will make a difference.

“I believe my reason for being here is to help everyone else. Unless you have been faced with death you don’t know.

“I have to thank all the nurses and the doctors at University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire, they’ve been amazing and especially, Dr Sohgi.

“They have been the best for me, even though I have defied all their science.”

Cannabis proved to be the gift which kept on giving for Joy. Not only did cannabis help her win the seemingly-impossible battle against cancer, but won her thousands of pounds! Joy won a competition she entered while high, winning £84,000! Joy plans on using the money to tick everything off her bucket list.

Medical cannabis can truly be life-saving medicine. Without it, people like Joy might not be with us today. Access to medical cannabis, however, is still heavily restricted in the UK, despite it being legalised in November 2018.

By sharing stories like Joy’s, we help raise awareness about the beautiful potential cannabis has in the future of modern medicine. Stories like Joy’s help to challenge the negative stigmas surrounding cannabis, showing the world that cannabis has the potential to be a revolutionary medicine.

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