British University’s Marijuana Discovery Convinces U.S. Government

Despite countless testimonials proving ineffective in terms of convincing the US Government that marijuana is indeed a powerful ally in fighting a number of illnesses, a new research study from St. George’s University of London has seemingly convinced America’s most prominent public officials.

The University proved, without any reasonable doubt, that cannabis indeed reduces brain tumours. Of course, a statement such as that couldn’t stand on its own, so the University also researched cannabis properties solely in correlation with radiation therapy.

THC in Combination with CBD

By researching cannabis in conjunction with radiation therapy, the study doesn’t list marijuana as the sole benefactor of the tumour reducing process. Nonetheless, it took a university in the United Kingdom to make officials in the U.S. sit up and take note.

The cannabinoids specifically used in the research study with animal models were THC and CBD. Now, this is pretty important. Countless studies have been done in the past where scientists have experimented with either THC or CBD. The reason for this divide was the belief that THC is linked to the psychoactive “stoned” behaviour of a cannabis user, while CBD is a non-psychoactive compound with medicinal properties. However, the testimonials alone are enough to indicate that this is not necessarily the case. A number of cancer patients have successfully used High-THC strains to help battle their ailments.

FDA Has Its Way of Doing Things

Now, even though the U.S. Food and Drug Administration doesn’t really see eye-to-eye with St. George’s University, various scientific research studies have been the catalysts for approval of two medications that indeed have cannabinoids in them. If scientific research continues to discover therapeutic benefits of cannabis, the USA might soon have a new law – one that completely acknowledges and legalizes marijuana.

The list is getting longer as more and more scientists are pushing the envelope in terms of medical marijuana research. The next step is in the governments hands; declassifying marijuana as a Schedule I drug. As long as cannabis is sitting in the same class with Cocaine and Heroin, it will never be considered as a mainstream compound that has medicinal properties.

Research Acknowledged

A US government research organisation on drug abuse called NIDA (National Institute on Drug Abuse) has also acknowledged the research from St. George’s University. This acknowledgement will surely influence not only legislation but public opinion as well. The amount of research is certainly on the rise and each new discovery confirms the assumption many had regarding marijuana for the last few of decades: it is crucial in fighting tumours.