Cannabis Oil Helps Hollywood Stuntman Overcome Stage IV Cancer

In another high profile story regarding the success of medical marijuana, a Hollywood Stuntman has revealed that cannabis oil cured his stage 4 cancer.

Mark Chavarria had advanced cancer that had spread from his colon to his liver and, after researching many other documented cases, decided to use cannabis oil alongside radiotherapy and chemotherapy treatments.

Speaking to the media, Chavarria said,

“It’s kind of gross, but I literally felt like I was pooing the thing out every time I went to the toilet.

What I believe happens with the oil is it makes like a shellac on the tumors, and it doesn’t let it grow; doesn’t let it breathe; doesn’t let it eat… nothing. I think it was slowly, but surely, peeling away at the tumors like an onion.’

I feel good. I’m always nervous, always scared it will come back. But it’s gone. If it does come back, I know it won’t be as aggressive as last time because we’ll catch it early.”