Cannabis Oil Helps Manage Texan Mothers Back Pain

Posted on a Texas Cannabis Blog, Stephen Carter explains how cannabis oil ended his wife’s chronic back pain. Read his incredible post below.

After 4 years of doctors, surgeries, and pain medicine it was time to try something new. We packed up the whole family and drove to Colorado for a 2 week test run to see if cannabis oil could fix my wife’s back pain. To say the results were shocking is an understatement.

Jessika, my wife, got pregnant with our second son in 2010 and it triggered a birth defect in her back called Spondylolisthesis. I had never heard of it either and probably still wouldn’t today if she didn’t have it.

What started as some minor back pain, led to more serious pain, which led to surgeries and a whole host of monthly doctors visits and prescription drugs to try and help her live a normal life. Jessika has been through 14 procedures ranging from epidural shots to having surgical implants attached to her back twice. Today she takes up to 14 pharmaceutical pills per day to be able to move around and block the pain.

This summer we finally decided to visit Colorado and let her try medical marijuana as a last ditch effort to find a cure for the pain.

The first dispensaries I visited to find her medicine were Peaceful Herbs and Faragosi Farms in Trinidad, CO. These stores recommended some Dixie Elixer tincture with a CBD/THC blend to help with the pain. I also bought a topical salve to rub on her back. These products helped a little bit but didn’t have enough effects to see any real change in the pain.

High Country Healing in Silverthorne, CO is where we got her cannabis oil. The budtender explained how they make the oil from a high CBD strain called Sour Confidential. The oil is up to 38% CBD with THC also. He was great at telling us how to use it by ingesting the size of one grain of rice twice per day.

On the first day Jessika took cannabis oil, she went 16 hours without taking any pain medicine. That was awesome! She usually takes something every 4-6 hours. As we continued to stay in Colorado and she used the cannabis oil (and only the oil) her pain completely disappeared.

Here’s a simple illustration of how well it worked. In Texas both of our parents’ homes are 2 stories. She hasn’t been upstairs in over a year because it hurt too bad going up and down. In Colorado, we accidentally rented a 3 story house with two flights of stairs between each level. She handled that house like a boss and never once mentioned being in pain. It was harder dealing with shortness of breathe from being in the mountains!

Did cannabis oil solve everything?

No, because she also has Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and the oil didn’t make her more energetic. Would it over time? Maybe. I would love to find out.

For now we are back in Texas talking with her doctors and surgeons about her results and deciding as a family what’s next.