Did cannabis oil extend this terminally ill Fathers’ life?

  • A father from Brighton with terminal cancer told The Argus how he believes cannabis oil may be the reason he’s still alive today
  • Marcus Gray appeared on BBC Newsnight last year to tell his story to the nation

Marcus Gray was told in February 2016 that he would not live to see his wife give birth to his daughter after he was diagnosed with stage four colorectal cancer.

Today, however, the brave father spoke to The Argus with his wife and daughter, Darcy, to explain how he believes he is still here due to medicinal cannabis.

“One of the main effects of chemo is weight loss, but the oil has completely changed that”

Speaking to The Argus, Marcus explained how he was convinced that cannabis oil had helped, “There is no doubt in my mind that the cannabis oil has had something to do with me living much longer than expected.

“The cancer has significantly reduced and there are only two cells left on my lungs.”

Marcus first learned about the potential medicinal properties of cannabis oil through his friends and even appeared on BBC Newsnight last year to explain how he thinks the oil continues to help him.

Initially using one gram of oil a day to make his chemotherapy treatment more bearable, Marcus only needs to take it periodically now, “It has definitely reduced the pain.

“Chemo made me lose my appetite and disturbed other parts of my life but the oil makes up for what the chemo takes away.”

Marcus’s wife Catherine also attested to cannabis’ wonderful medicinal properties, especially with regard to mental health, “the oil has really helped Marcus’s mindset against the cancer.

“One of the main effects of chemo is weight loss, but the oil has completely changed that. He has a good appetite, which has definitely helped his health.”

The Gray family have been so impacted by cannabis that Marcus wants to work to help legalise the medicinal herb, “If my condition improves, I plan to educate people on the positive effects of using cannabis oil medicinally.

“It can definitely help and I want to try to help the process of getting it legalised.”

Catherine also supports the use of cannabis oil for illnesses, saying said: “I will definitely support any attempt to help legalise the use of cannabis oil for health problems.”

Have had a cannabis success story? Would you treat yours or your families cancer with cannabis? Let us know in the comments!

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