Largest survey on CBD finds nearly half of users are able to stop taking traditional medications

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Survey found that 42% of new CBD users were able to stop taking pharmaceutical medicines 80% of respondents found CBD to be "very or extremely effective" in treating conditions 55% of respondents were female Can CBD become the UK's main medicinal cannabis product? Evidence from the largest ever survey on CBD is suggesting [...]

Can Medical Marijuana be used to treat Diabetes? – Research Review

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Although there are numerous cases of research into the use and characteristics of marijuana and its relation to metabolic diseases, this post will review the current research and give an idea of where we stand in relation to diabetes and the use of marijuana.  Over the past 40 years, the number of diabetics [...]

The Use of Cannabis as a Potent Anti-Inflammatory – Part 4

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CANNABIDIOL (CBD) In part three we discussed the exciting results of several studies using cannabis ligands for their plaque punching potency in treating inflammation (atherosclerosis) via the CB system. In this final installment we’ll explore the uses of CBD, an amazing phytocannabinoid. Furthermore, CBD may exert some or all of its anti-inflammatory effects outside of [...]

The Use of Cannabis as a Potent Anti-Inflammatory Medication – Part 3

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In part 3 of this article. we’ll continue on our informative journey through the labyrinthine rabbit hole of current medical marijuana research as it pertains to slaking inflammation. Once again I’ll refer to atherosclerosis as our “model” of inflammation. This is perhaps marijuana's greatest application. If it can help with cardiovascular disease it will also affect many [...]

The Use of Cannabis as a Potent Anti-Inflammatory Medication – Part 2

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In part 1 of this article, some of the general applications of cannabinoids both synthetic and natural were covered. The power in these mysterious substances, comes at least in part, from their anti-inflammatory effects. In this article, we’ll cover the chronic immune response, where it lurks, the definition of cellular inflammation, and active areas of research [...]