Compassion: A New Type of Business Model

Sympathy, understanding, care, benevolence, compassion.

Not the most common structure for a new business to adopt, especially in the medical/medicine industry.

To show true compassion, one must understand the suffering of others or suffer with them, neglecting empathy will lead a business down paths of profit margins and stock market strength rather then ethical notions, of which medicine should be all about.

‘The dignified alleviation of suffering with compassion and empathy’, the philosophy behind United in Compassion, a fresh endeavor into the medical marijuana industry in Australia.

Haslam, the dominant name that is currently sparking the progressive movement towards ending the prohibition of cannabis as a medicine.

Lucy Haslam sits at a meeting with politicians, scientists and social figures pleading her case. Lucy Haslam understands the definition of compassion, specifically when it comes to medicinal cannabis for patients with cancer, her son Daniel suffered from bowel cancer relying on illegal marijuana to allow him to fight his illness and enjoy life from outside of a hospital bed.

ABC recently released a TV length documentary entitled The Australia Story based around the enterprise and the life of Daniel and Lucy Haslam. As a longtime outspoken advocate for the scientific health benefits and life saving properties of cannabis, this episode “Doing it for Dan” really tugged at my heartstrings reigniting my passion for change and supplying hope to the flame. As a firm campaigner for the freedom of choice and the right to access panacea appropriate to an individuals conditions, I cant encourage people enough to watch and show this documentary to everyone and anyone (specifically those apposed to cannabis).

The beautiful strengths Lucy Haslam displays are unduly commendable, with her new endeavor for an overdue medical marijuana business in Australia.

“Our primary mission is to provide compassionate access to medicinal cannabis in a manner which is safe, effective, affordable and equitable, for the dignified relief of suffering…Using the world’s best practice, good manufacturing processes, organic principles and the best medicinal cannabis genetics available” stated on the United in Compassion website.

The necessity of an entrepreneurial enterprise such as this, has been in the wood work for too long; leaving many urgent cases and patients on the back burner, while forcing mothers and fathers of ill stricken children and or family members to embark on criminal ventures. Lucy discusses how the family had code words for buying marijuana of the black market, to avoid charges and possibly stopping Dan from receiving his medicine.

“I became a drug supplier; I bought cannabis on the black market and gave it to Daniel… Had my husband still been active on the police force, he would have risked dismissal”.

To commensurate recreational use with medical use is utterly ridiculous, yet the law still sees everything through as black or white. Luckily of late there have been significant ameliorations calling for change; Victoria, Queensland and New South Wales are amongst the states gradually legalizing this form of cannabis. A lot of these forward concepts for change came about thanks to the incredible work and inspiring crusade by the Haslam family specifically Lucy.

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