Dee Mani: “Cannabis oil, Not CBD, Saved Me,” Cancer Survivor Furious at Media Misreporting Her Story

  • Dee Mani’s story made headlines earlier this year after she cured her breast cancer with full-spectrum cannabis oil
  • The brave British mother refused chemotherapy, opting to use only one drop of cannabis oil a day
  • Alt-Right medias, such The Daily Mail, have been accused of mispresenting her story
  • Articles claim the mother used CBD, not THC+CBD, to cure her cancer
  • Adverts for Holland & Barrett’s CBD oil has been placed in many articles about Dee’s story
  • We exclusively reveal the truth behind Dee’s inspiring victory over cancer

Dee Mani made headlines earlier this year when she revealed to the media that she had “cured” her breast cancer using cannabis oil.

The British mother, 44, was diagnosed with Grade 3 Triple Negative Breast Cancer on 16th March, 2017.

After losing her sister to chemo, and spending 5 years training as a pharmacist, Dee decided to opt out of the traditional treatments in favour of a combination of surgery and medical cannabis.

Dee was given the all-clear in August, 2017, claiming that her win over Cancer was due to the cannabis oil she had been treating herself with.

Dee’s Facebook post when she was first diagnosed in 2017

Fast-forward to 2018. Several mainstream media outlets had picked up on Dee’s amazing story, offering her the chance to raise awareness about how important medical cannabis was to her survival.

This opportunity, however, never came to fruition. Dee realised that her story was being used to mislead the public and, effectively, being used to sold Holland & Barrett’s CBD products.

We caught up with the heroic mother to let her set the record straight: Full spectrum cannabis oil saved her from cancer, not CBD-only products. Dee explained to us that she came across medical cannabis treatments accidentally, while researching alternative treatments to chemotherapy, which she believes killed her sister when she had cancer:

“After I was diagnosed, I spent the next few weeks having a range of different tests and scans.

“It was during this time I started researching into alternative medicine, I was adamant I didn’t want chemotherapy after it failed to keep my sister alive a few years prior.

“At first a few people close to me mentioned trying medical cannabis, which led me to look into it.

“During my research, I came across an older lady in America who had cured her own Triple Negative Breast Cancer with cannabis oil.

Dee Mani Cancer Cannabis
Dee with her loving family

“I then discovered Rick Simpson and The Truth About Cancer and The Sacred Plant docuseries.”

Due to the intense level of Reefer Madness in the UK, many are still of the belief that cannabis is a ‘scary,’ drug, linked to mental illnesses such as psychosis and paranoia.

“I had smoked a few joints when I was younger,” Dee told us, when discussing if she was worried about trying medical cannabis, “so I was well aware of the psychoactive compounds.

“I was more worried of the thought of having to use chemo if alternative medicine didn’t work.”

Cannabis oil, however, was not the only treatment Dee received to help cure her cancer.

“I had a lumpectomy which was the only medical intervention.

Scar Tissue: Dee’s lumpectomy, her only traditional medical treatment

“My oncologist expected me to have a combination of chemotherapy and radiotherapy for 12 months.

“Apparently Triple Negative doesn’t respond to any anti-cancer drugs and following the lumpectomy there would still be cancer cells left over.

“I refused the chemo and rads, and was given the all clear 14th August, 2017!”

Dee’s inspiring story could have been a major catalyst in changing the negative public perception on medical cannabis, helping to raise awareness of the ancient medical herb’s potential use as a cancer treatment.

Instead, Dee’s story was used to generate clicks for Alt-Right news outlets, such as The Sun and The Daily Mail, and as an advert for Holland & Barrett’s CBD products.

I’m annoyed as hell that The Daily Mail (who ran the article first) chose not to disclose that the oil I use is FECO with a very high THC level. Instead, they decided to print that I only used CBD!
– Dee Mani, Cancer Survivor/Cannabis Warrior.

Discussing her views on the mainstream misrepresentations, Dee told us:

“I’m annoyed as hell that The Daily Mail (who ran the article first) chose not to disclose that the oil I use is FECO with a very high THC level.

“Instead, they decided to print that I only used CBD!

“They even mentioned that my oil didn’t get me high, which of course it does.

FECO, Rick Simpson Oil
Full spectrum cannabis oil, with THC, that Dee used to cure her cancer.
THC is illegal in the UK

“Following on from the original article the same story went viral globally, it became out of my control to get my correct message across.

“I was then approached by Love It magazine.

“I agreed to another article on the promise that they would use my correct details and I was able to proofread the details before it went to press.

“The article was 100% true and had all the correct details, however, they chose to put a Holland and Barrett advertisement for their CBD oil right smack bang in the middle of the 2 page spread!

“I contacted editors from both The Daily Mail and Love It and I’m yet to hear a response from them.

“I was also informed that as long as the journalists don’t change my actual quotes (which they hadn’t done) they are free to ‘tweak’ the stories to suit their reader… unfortunately, The Daily Mail believed that mentioning THC as an illegal substance would be too controversial for their readers.”

Alt-Right Daily Mail
Misleading: Associating CBD with Dee’s story could lead many to think they could have same results

The Daily Mail is the UK’s most read newspaper.

Millions of people read their website every year. Millions of people could have been potentially misled by their coverage of Dee’s story.

Placing discussions about CBD oil within articles on Dee’s story has the potential to misled readers into thinking they too could cure their cancers using legal CBD oils.

“It may be a coincidence but as soon as my first article was featured,” Dee explained, “the day afterwards, H&B was all over the mainstream media, with headlines misleading people that their CBD oil cures cancer.

Simpsons cannabis
“Simpsons Did It”
The Daily Mail advertising H&B next to a cannabis oil story is, as Otto puts it, “flagrant false advertising”

“They have simply jumped on a hype to gain bigger profits, most of their stores sold out in an instant!

“H&B are giving false hope to cancer patients all over the world and I think it’s an absolute disgrace!

“I would never advise a cancer patient to use CBD oils. I strongly believe that THC is vital.

“Each cancer type reacts differently to different ratios, for instance, I knew that Triple Negative responds best with a very high THC, however, I also understand that estrogen-positive types of breast cancer respond better to a lower THC ratio.” Cannabidiol (CBD) has experienced a recent boom in the UK, around 250,000 users in the U.K., double the 125,000 in 2016.

THC, however, remains illegal with no sign of being legalised or decriminalized while the Conservatives hold office.

THC, they argue, can lead to addiction to harder drugs and the development of severe mental illnesses.

Stories like Dee’s, however, illustrate how wrong our Conservative Government truly is when it comes to drug laws.

Cannabis cancer survivor
Dee enjoying life with her family

Dee explained to us that cannabis not only helped cure her cancer, but has helped her in other aspects of her life:

“Whilst I’ve always considered myself to be healthy, I’ve always suffered from insomnia to the point where I was prescribed valium.

“I also have 3 slipped discs in my back, from an injury that occurred almost 20 years ago. Since then, I’ve been on medication daily to alleviate the pain.

“I also suffer from allergies (dust, pets, pollen) and needed antihistamines again on a daily basis

“Since I started the oil, I’ve not had any sleepless nights, I’ve had no back pain and I rarely ever need to take an antihistamine!”

It did not take long for Dee to notice the changes:

“The sleepless nights went straight away after my very first dose, the back pain and allergies seemed to disappeared after a couple of weeks.

“Around 2 months after I started taking the oil I felt healthier than I ever had, I couldn’t actually believe that I had cancer because I felt so well.

“Medical cannabis saved my life!

While the anti-cannabis campaign by Alt-Right news outlets has scared many unfortunate people into believing that cannabis is an ‘evil, psychosis causing drug,’ Dee was unfazed by the negative reputation the herb has:

“The fact that cannabis oil is illegal did not for any minute affect my decision.

“I started to grow my own plants to produce the oil.”

“I even decided to inform the police of my harvesting for fear of a neighbour contacting them.

“They advised that I was able to have at least 25 plants for medical reasons.”

Despite the purposeful campaign to use Dee’s story to sell CBD for Holland & Barrett, the public reaction Dee received for standing up has been a largely positive one:

“The public feedback has been absolutely amazing!

“I’ve had people from all over the world congratulating me on my success and asking for advice on them medicating themselves using cannabis oil.

Over 2,000 people offered their support to Dee when she announced she cured her cancer with cannabis

“There are so many people touched by my story that are now rooting for this natural plant to finally become legal again.

Asked what message she could pass onto other 350,000+ British citizens diagnosed with cancer each year, Dee replied:

To simply educate yourself on everything and anything to do with cancer.

“Understand why you developed cancer in the first place and what you can do to firstly rid it from your body safely, and secondly, make sure you take measures to prevent a recurrence.

“Don’t be afraid to disagree with your oncologist and be proud the have your own opinion.

“Most importantly, believe in the power of medical cannabis!”

Cancer survival stories like Dee’s often miss out some key details, with many left thinking that cannabis alone was what cured the cancer.

Cancer survivors, who utilise medical cannabis, often make significant changes to their lifestyle, alongside cannabinoid treatments.

“Along the cannabis oil,” Dee explained, “I completely changed my lifestyle.

“I quit smoking, cut down on alcohol, ate a plant-based diet, juiced daily, took supplements such as turmeric, vitamin C, garlic pearls and biotin.

“I took essential oils such as frankincense, oregano, wormwood and lemon oil.

“I meditated and took frequent salt baths.”

Dee Mani bravely stood up in the face of public persecution and told the world that cannabis oil, containing high levels of THC, saved her from cancer.

Unfortunately, vultures decided to use her story to generate clicks on their website and sell CBD oil from Holland & Barrett’s.

If the Alt-Right media goes unchecked, millions of desperate cancer patients may be misled into purchasing CBD thinking it contains the same anti-cancer properties as the cannabis oil Dee used to save her life.

Over 350,000 British citizens are diagnosed with cancer each year in the UK, with over 165,000 of them dying.

Hundreds of thousands of innocent lives could be helped by legalising access to full spectrum cannabis oil.

Hundreds of thousands of innocent lives could be lost due to misleading articles.

Help us tell the truth about Dee’s incredible story, and raise awareness about the true medical potential of THC, by sharing this article.

Dee’s amazing story can be read in full in her tell-all book: “My Way: Following the cancer brick road, from diagnosis to all clear naturally in 5 months…