Dispensary Raid Threatens the Life of Young Epilepsy Patient

Katie Ann Lepine has taken her story to the Canadian press this week after becoming concerned about her sons health, due to a local dispensary raid.

Lepine’s 15-year old son, Christopher, suffers from spina bifida, cerebral palsy, epilepsy and a heart condition. Having been prescribed countless pharmaceutical drugs without success, Katie Ann decided that medical cannabis was the final option. The Edmonton based mother saw an immediate change in her son;

“When he first started doing it (cannabis), we noticed a difference. He was waking up. He was doing all kinds of things, he was sitting up,”

Christopher had been dealing with two or three seizures a day. They stopped.  He also stayed awake for longer periods during the day and was more responsive to his mother and his live-in caregiver.

Legalities in Canada mean that medical cannabis patients can only access their medicine through 1 of 18 dispensaries in Alberta. With no access in their home town of Edmonton and not wishing to receive cannabis products in the mail, the Lepine’s acquired the necessary medicine from the Mobile Access Compassionate Resources Society (MACROS), an NPO that had been working at the back of a hemp shop for nearly 2 decades.

However, disaster struck for Edmonton patients when, last week, security forces stormed the hemp shop and arrested the owners of MACROS.

This leaves the Lepine family without a reliable source to access Christopher’s vital medication.

Speaking to local press, Katie Ann stated,

“I don’t know what we’re going to do now, I’m just hoping that everything changes. Hopefully we will get some more somewhere.”