Doctors admit CBD may have caused a lung cancer patient’s tumour to HALF IN THREE MONTHS

  • Scans from a British cancer patient show CBD halved cancer cells in lung
  • 81-year-old from Stoke-on-Trent refused chemotherapy, using CBD instead
  • Doctors say that more work is needed into CBD as a treatment for cancer

Scans from an 81-year old lung cancer patient have provided more evidence that cannabinoids have the potential to be used in cancer treatments.

The ex-smoker from Stoke-on-Trent, who has remained anonymous, has amazed doctors by halving the tumour in his lung by only using Cannabidiol (CBD).

The retired salesman, who previously suffered COPD, refused traditional chemotherapy when doctors found a 2.5cm by 2.5cm mass in the man’s left lung in October 2016, with growths in lymph nodes.

Lung cancer CT scan for British elderly male
Initial CT scans revealed a 2.5cm x 2.5cm mass in the man’s left lung (October 2016)


By November 2017, follow up scans revealed the tumour was “near total resolution”, with a “significant reduction in size” of the growths in his lymph nodes.

Now, doctors at the Royal Stoke University Hospital have shared the CT scans which show how his tumours half in size, providing further weight to the argument that cannabinoids should be introduced regular cancer treatments.

According to the doctors who worked the case, the man refused chemotherapy due to his age, in a bid to try and maintain a good quality of life:

“The patient was offered chemotherapy and radiotherapy, but he declined as he was in his 80s and did not want any treatment that could adversely affect his quality of life.”

The man only started his CBD treatment in September 2017. Prior to that, follow up scans show that the tumour was growing.

After a follow up scan in December revealed the tumour had grown to 2.7 by 2.8cm, with another scan in July 2017 showing more growth.

However, after introducing CBD in September 2017, the man’s condition began to greatly improve, amazing medical professionals.

Questioning by the doctors revealed the patient had been taking “MyCBD” 2% (200 mg CBD in 10 ml) from the beginning of September 2017.

For the first week, the patient took 2 drops twice a day, increasing to 9 drops twice a day until the end of September.

A week after a scan in November revealed the tumour had shrunk from 2.7 x 2.8cm to 1.3 x 0.6cm, the patient had to stop using the CBD because he “did not like the taste and caused a slight nausea.”

Lung cancer scans showing CBD reduced cancer size
Just two months of using CBD helped reduce the man’s tumour size to 1.3 x 0.6cm


The doctors reported that “he was never physically sick,” and that CBD was the only “change in the patient’s diet, medication or lifestyle from September 2017.”

CBD could be a potential drug in the treatment of cancer.
– Royal Stoke University Hospital Report

In their report, researchers discussed how they think CBD could have shrunk the tumours:

“CBD could be a potential drug in the treatment of cancer.

“CBD has been shown to have anti-neoplastic effects in vitro and/or in vivo in lung cancer and other types of cancer.

“It has been described that CBD can act on tumour cells, directly or indirectly, through different pathways and that these effects might vary in different tumour cells.”

The report concludes that CBD “may have had a role” in the amazing reduction of the cancer due to the fact that there is evidence the patient did indeed have lung cancer and there was no other “identifiable lifestyle, drug or dietary changes.“

While this case is a fantastic step forward for medical research into cannabinoids and cancer, the doctors working the case were also careful to withhold from making solid conclusions:

“Further work is needed, both in vitro and in vivo to better evaluate the various mechanisms of action of CBD on malignant cells, and its potential application in the treatment of not only lung cancer but also other malignancies.”

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