Hazel: Mobility Issues and CBD Oil

Ailment: Mobility Issues
Ingestion Method: Orally, under the tongue

Bio: I’m Hazel from Brighton. I was bitten by a tick in the groin about two years ago.

I’m Hazel from Brighton. I was bitten by a tick in the groin about two years ago. After that I suffered depression for about a month, was totally lethargic, no interest in anything, brain dead. But then I had acupuncture which lifted the depression. But then slowly my mobility in my hip started to decrease and I started to get pain when I was walking. Eventually there was very little muscle strength in my thighs anymore so I had to use a table to press myself up because my legs couldn’t support me to stand up by myself and taking first steps to get moving became increasingly difficult. I also tried osteopathy, homeopathy, had MRI scans, blood tests, electric muscle testing, everything came back normal and yet my hips got worse. On some days it was so bad I needed a walking stick.

I started with a CBD oil which was recommended by a friend who used it to successfully help with his asthma.I now can stand up without help again and walk much better.

In addition to improving my mobility, my general well being improved when using the CBD oil. My moods are more levelled out. I have teenage children and I used to get quite tense but now it floats over me. I don’t respond so much to adolescent anger by getting angry myself, but can deal with it more relaxed and definitely with a bit more humour.

I also have a decrease in desire for alcohol. I used to have a drink and want another one, but now I don’t seem to want another one.

I discussed my used of CBD oil with my doctor who was interested to hear where I got it from because another patient had been asking her for it. My doctor was supportive and wants to find out more about CBD herself.

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