Heroic Australian mother illegally makes medical marijuana to “save” brain-damaged daughter

  • Katrina Spraggon makes cannabis oil to help treat her daughter’s cerebral palsy, refractory epilepsy and severe scoliosis
  • Medical cannabis is legal in Australia but would cost her family thousands
  • The heroic mother is calling for a change in the law to allow her to grow
  • “I’d rather break the law than bury my daughter”

A mother of four from Queensland, Australia, has been illegally cooking cannabis into oil to treat her brain-damaged daughter who suffers from 19 chronic illnesses.

Katrina Spraggon insists that the oil she makes from cannabis is far more effective for treating her daughter, Kaitlyn’s, cerebral palsy, refractory epilepsy and severe scoliosis.

The mother has argued that medical cannabis not only works better but is safer than the “dangerous cocktail” of opioid medications Kaitlyn was prescribed by doctors.

Australian mother cannabis oil
Katrina cooking cannabis oil for her daughter

Katrina claims that cannabis has completely transformed the 8-year-old from an unresponsive, bed-ridden “zombie,” to such an extent that she heard her laugh for the first time.

Discussing the transformation, Katrina explained: “The first time I tried cannabis oil on my daughter, I witnessed a remarkable difference in just two days.

“Kaitlyn just became alive. It was absolutely incredible. She was responding and alert. Her seizures reduced dramatically.”

Katrina claims that rubbing just one drop of her homemade oil rubbed onto Kaitlyn’s gums at the onset of a seizure revives her quickly from her fits, shortening their recovery period.

“Over time she kept progressing more and more, and was no longer just a vegetable stuck in a wheelchair all the time.

“She began interacting with me in ways she never did before and she was able to play with her brothers and sister.

Sick australian child
Kaitlyn before cannabis treatment

“Before cannabis oil, Kaitlyn would stare blankly into space and wouldn’t respond to anyone.

“I’d never even heard her laugh before and hearing it was the most beautiful sound in the world – she had only ever given me a little smile.

Australian child with cannabis
Kaitlyn with one of her plants

“It has changed her life dramatically and my only regret is not starting it sooner.

“There are virtually no side effects – she will just be a little hungrier than usual, have an increase in thirst and might crack up laughing. It’s amazing.

“Before we started the cannabis oil, when Kaitlyn would have a seizure she would go into cardiac and respiratory distress.

“This required me to give her CPR and drug her on so many different opiates. She would be like a zombie and completely zonked out for up to five days.

“Now after giving her cannabis oil for her seizures, she will be back up in 20 minutes playing, dancing and wanting food.”

While cannabis is legal for medical purposes in Australia, it can only be prescribed on a case-by-case basis for patients and must be imported from outside the country.

It is currently illegal for individuals to cultivate their own cannabis for medicinal purposes, leaving Katrina in the position of breaking the law every time she treats her daughter.

The former childcare worker decided to start growing due to the costly price of legal medical cannabis, as importing it from Canada or Denmark could have cost her up to £2,900.

The heroic mother is not afraid of the risk, as her daughter’s life and well-being are far more important:

“I am not worried about the legal consequences. I would prefer to break the law and my daughter have a quality of life than obey the law and bury my daughter.

“This is why I have been open and public for three years.

“It is a matter of life and death and I will never stop giving my child her medicine.

“I feel like I finally have my daughter and I will do anything to keep her alive.”

The pair’s heroic story has made national headlines in Australia. Katrina has even met with the Australian Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, to plead her case.

If you want to help Kaitlyn and her family, the mother has set up an official GoFundMe page, to help fund Katrina’s medication.

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