How to Manage a Terminal Crohn’s Diagnosis, by Sarah Godfrey

Sarah Godfrey is the only terminal Crohn’s patient known to have survived without having any part of her digestive system removed. Sarah used cannabis, herbal medicine and diet to save her life and also to end a 20-year dependency on Codeine, and 14 years on Valium and Morphine. She is currently healing her Crohn’s and CPTSD with cannabis oil and is a trustee of Hemp Works Charity UK.

Sarah’s Seasonal Cannabis, Dietary & Herbal Blog

This is my first blog for, and I’m looking forward to sharing with you the holistic healing that has kept me alive for the last 22 years, when I was told that I had less than 6 months to live.

So my blog will be a seasonal sharing of what I’ve found worked best for myself and others, with cannabis, dietary and herbal info and tips on using cannabis as a dietary essential, as well as advice on growing your own.

Healing is completely dependent on our environment; everything we eat, drink and breathe can heal us or harm us. Intensive agriculture means that our food is deficient in essential vitamins and minerals, as well as having toxic pesticides and fertilisers sprayed on it. By organically growing our own food and medicine, we learn how to live in harmony with nature, as well as providing the optimal conditions for health. Food is medicine, after all, and cannabis is food.


Now is the time to harvest Dandelion root, when it is at it’s bitterest. Most people are deficient in bitter food and herbs, which play an important role in maintaining health: they increase metabolism, aid digestion, detox the body, fight free radicals and stimulate immune function. All these actions are triggered by their bitter taste.

There are 98 cascade reactions from mouth to anus that need to happen for proper digestion to occur. This is one of the reasons that chewing your food properly is important, as well as eating a balanced, holistic diet. You should chew each mouthful until it has lost all of its texture to ensure correct digestion and absorption.

Dandelion root is a powerful diuretic. Another use for Dandelion is the leaves, which can be harvested anytime and are high in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

Pick the young, fresh leaves of Dandelion and Cannabis and eat them in salads, as well as adding them to your raw juicing regime.

When raw juicing and eating cannabis, use only natural, organic mulches as plant food. The mineral-based, processed plant foods used by commercial growers are toxic to humans when ingested, even the organic ones, so take care with your plant food. Like everything, it’s safer to make your own.

There are many advantages to growing cannabis, one of which is an almost-limitless supply of fresh leaves for juicing. Raw cannabis has no psychoactive effect whatsoever, due to it containing THCA instead of THC. THCA only turns to THC when cured or heated and both have powerful healing properties. Raw juiced cannabis is an effective, non-psychoactive medicine.

It’s always best to grow outdoors whenever possible, as it produces plants higher in CBD, which acts as an anti-psychotic against the effects of THC. There are many reasons why cannabis grown outdoors is higher in CBD and more medicinal, one of which is the incredible communication that happens between outdoor plants, using the ‘internet’ of mycelium. I will discuss the many advantages of outdoor growing in more detail closer to harvest time.

In the meantime, take care of your plant food as well as your plants, and love your Endocannabinoid system!

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