In Search of Your Local Cannabis Club

We believe there are over one hundred cannabis clubs spread out over the UK. While some can be more focused on recreational use with the associated social media ‘stoner’ shots of the latest high-THC shatter for sale, others seem to play a much more responsible role in their communities both in the informative information they supply online and the actual patient support provided locally.

MMJ headed north where a growing number of clubs are fast gaining a reputation for doing exactly this.

First up on the road (M1) north was The Northampton Cannabis Club. The NCC have already made the BBC news with their community outreach project of tying warm clothes around trees and lampposts for the homeless.

We met them in their home over tea and biscuits.

Q1. What was your first experience with the cannabis plant?

J. “I first smoked it when I was 12, in my village”

C. “My Older sibling’s friend introduced me to it around the same age.”

Q2. At what point did you recognise cannabis as a medicine?

J. “When is was 15-16 curiosity led me to all the research.”

C. “In 2010 I was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer ‘Pseudimyxoma Peritoneii’, I was operated on with cancer in my spleen, gall bladder, appendix liver and bowels. I had part of these removed before the cancer reoccurred in 2012. Where the NHS were no help, cannabis saved my life. I wouldn’t be here without it.”

Q3. When did you form the Northhampton Cannabis Club?

J. “4-5 years ago some people got together and it’s carried on from there.”

Q4. How does your club support patients in the community?

C. “We support them, anyone one that needs help. We will not deny anyone.”

Q5. What inspired you to do the community outreach projects such as feeding and clothing the homeless?

C. ‘There wasn’t any help being offered by council services or anyone apart from the Sikh community. We wanted to help them and show that them we cared.”

Q6. Do you think as adults there is a need to educate the youth about the dangers of smoking cannabis?

C. “Yes”

J. “Yes definitely. People shouldn’t be using high strength cannabis when their brains are developing. 18 years or 21 years should be legal age.”

Q7.  What was the first cannabis product you made?

J. and c: ‘Brownies when we were younger.’

Q8. What was the last product you made?

J. “Cannabis balm for topical application made with the following ingredients: Almond oil, mustard seed oil, cress seed oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, coconut oil, hemp oil, beeswax, turmeric root, ginger root, cumin and Vitamin E.”

Q9. What would you like to see for the other clubs in the UK?

C. “Being more active in the local community, improving relationships with other clubs and providing better information for patients.”

Q10. Do you have any events planned in the near future?

J. “ We are hosting a BBQ and picnic on May 15th.”

Q11.  What strains are currently being grown by the NCC?

C. “CBD shark shock, Cookies Kush, northern lights .”

Q12 What advice would you give to people that have never used or heard of cannabis being a medicine?

J. “ It’s all out there on the internet if you do some research. Googling ‘Cannabis Clinical Studies’ is a good place to start.”

Q13. Do you think it is wrong that a cannabis club has to support the local patient community where governments will not?

C. “ We help people that need help. We are a responsible community and are proud to support our own.”

Q14. How much does your club rely on donations?

J. “Like we say; we will help people that need help. The more people we have helped the more donations we have received for raw cannabis that can go into free medication for the people who need it.”

Q15. What message would you give to aspiring cannabis clubs and communities?

C. “Be aware, be informed and don’t be ignorant.”


Are you a member of a cannabis club? Does your club support patients in the local community?

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