Medical Marijuana Stories: Healing from Stage 4 Cancer

Rosa is a mother, a Cannabis Crusader and an expert in alkaline state and alternative healing. Our friend and supporter from day one, she is in a battle to fight her aggressive Sarcoma cancer. The size of her tumour has shrunk from 8 cm to 2 cm, but also regrows anytime; the battle is constant but she remains strong. Here, in this treatment diary, Rosa lists all the healing supplements that have maximised her cannabinoid receptors and the diet she uses.

Rosa’s Protocol – Healing from Stage 4 Uterine Leiomyosarcoma

This document is to share my experience about what is working for me in healing myself from Uterine Cancer, using Cannabis Oil along with a clean alkaline diet, well researched supplements & last but by NO MEANS LEAST emotional clearing work. Hope this helps some of you on your healing journeys.

I had a hysterectomy for “ Fibroids” in 2013, I found out 2 months later that it was cancer. It had soon spread to my lungs and after various surgeries and traditional treatments I finally got hold of a good quality 1:1 cannabis oil, and it stopped me limping in 2 days, after 4 days I felt the tumour shut down. Phew. It’s a work in progress. Here’s what else I’m doing:


First thing, a huge glass of lemon water & 2 of these babies: Betaglucans, a super potent immune booster. (x 2 on an empty stomach).





American Tea

Essiac Tea. From an ancient native Amercian recipe. Tried and tested this one’s been around for a long time. Replaces lost minerals which most cancer patients are deficient in. I drink 1 – 3 cups, sipped, on an empty stomach.






These are the stars of the show!

Liposomal “Can- Help” from Healthy Items, contains: Liposomal Vit C liposomal Curcumin, Resvertarol, Q 10 and B vits. 1 – 3 tsp per day.

Green Tea EGCG. 2 caps 30 mins before dosing with Cannabis Oil to clear CB receptors (which can get blocked so that the cannabinoids cant “sit” on the receptors and do their funky thing.)




Bravo Probiotic is very expensive, but helps the body make its own GCMAF which is what the macrophages use to fight cancer cells. 1 jar per day. As a cheaper alternative “Chuckling Goat” do a good kefir ( type of probiotic ).

I’m thinking of adding powdered colostrum to it as that’s whats in the Bravo. Colostrum is in our mothers milk and is what originally nourished our immune systems as babies.

Bio-care Bio Acidophillus Forte. 2 per day


liposomol vit c


3 grams a day of Liposomal Vit C. It’s meant to be even more effective than IV Vit C. Anti – inflammatory and Anti-Cancer. I take as much as 10g a day if I’m having a flare up. This works very well for me in conjunction with a good quality 1:1 Cannabis Oil. If i had to choose 1 supplement (alongside the Cannabis Oil ) It would be this.

Biocare or Nutri Vit D3. 10 drops per day. I forgot this recently and really noticed the difference and Biocare liquid Zinc 10 drops. My body loves Zinc.


raw reserve


Raw Reserve Berry Flavour

Finally a green powder with all the key grasses and algaes that doesn’t taste like pond water. Update: Its got MACA in so no good for hormone sensitive cancers, like mine, so stopped this one and am taking their neat wheatgrass powder. Great for travelling. Although I travel with a juicer. 1 Tablespoon per day.

Sodium Bicarbonate. 1 Tablespoon per day. The most effective alkaliser in my opinion. Between meals. Not for prolonged periods apparently.



DIM – natural oestrogen – Inhibitor x 2 per day. Without the side effects.

Melatonin – studies show that it stops metastasis, we like that. It balances the pituitary gland. I have had no new metastasis since I’ve been taking this. 20 mg before bed.






Serraenzyme from Silk worms, helps break down the fibrin coating the tumour so the cannabis oil can get in. Bring it on! x 3 250 000IU Per day

Credence Megazyme Forte Proteolytic Enzymes. x 3 per day





400 Mcg per day Selenium is responsible for over 300 cellular activities and its not really in the soil much any more. This is also No1 for Cancer prevention. Get it in you and everyone you love.

Magnesium x 2 250 mg per day. Plus 30 sprays of magnesium OIL on the skin. so relaxing. Mag is key for so many processes in the body and is depleted by stress. GTF Chromium x 2 per day, plus FLORA Silica x 2 per day and Biocare B Vit complex x 1 per day.



Chlorella x 5 tablets a day. Detoxifying, balancing and draws out heavy metals, what’s not to like?

NB At the beginning of my healing journey I did a lot more intensive detoxing, juice fasts, coffee enemas – still do ) Infra red saunas, and supplements like Pectasol. Now I’m clean as a whistle . Perk of having cancer = no cellulite.

14 Mushroom Blend – Immune Support. I use this in cooking, tastes great and its RAW. Raw food contain many times more enzymes than cooked food. And we like enzymes, they help everything to work really well.



Juicing Organic vegetables (not much fruit) detoxes the body and floods it with nutrients. The lack of fibre means the body doesn’t have to work at all to get the nutrients. Our bodies love this.

I drink 1 pint ( 24 oz approx ) a day. But earlier in my journey I was on 2 or 3 pints of veg juice a day. Drink as much as you can, and don’t pre-prepare it or the enzymes die. If you can get a masticating juicer it’s better. If that’s stopping you then just use a centrifugal one.

Just get it in you, lots of it!

It can be hard to get green juice to taste nice. This one does! Add beetroot for the above & fresh tumeric when you can along with LOTS of ginger, these two are massive anti-inflammatories and much more.

Pretty much all veg is good to juice. Try parsley and other herbs too, cleavers from the garden are meant to be amazing for the Lymph (which is responsible for detoxing) and they are super fresh now and free! Broccoli & Kale, cucumber and courgettes are also good and quite juicy/creamy.


Yep that’s right. These are hugely important to DETOXIFY the body. Its not about clearing the colon (although that’s a helpful by-product).

The coffee taken rectally makes the Liver Detox into the bowel so that a huge amount of Toxins are released from the liver. I did 4 rounds of chemo, so this was really important to detox my body. I waited 3 days after each chemo and then did a daily CE. This really helped damage limitation, and the CBD and THC protected my cells against the ravages of the cytotoxins (Chemo).

I stopped chemo after 4 rounds as I felt it was dong more harm than good. But that’s me. Everyone needs to do what feels right for them.

I do a coffee enema EVERY DAY. It’s pretty relaxing as it goes, and not at all as bad as it sounds.

How to:

– Boil 2 pints of water and add 3 – 4 tablespoons of organic coffee. Leave to
simmer for 15 mins and allow to cool to body temperature (finger test).

– Pour the coffee into the enema bucket which you will need to suspend from
a hook. i do it this way.

– Run a bath and get in, pop the enema tube up your backside, let approx pint
of liquid flow in, or until you feel full. Relax and retain the coffee for 15 mins
if you can. You may need to build up to this. When you cant hold it anymore,
go to the loo and say ciao bella to all those toxins!

If you cant hold it very long at all it could be for the following reasons:

– Coffee too hot

– Too much liquid

– Enema bucket too high.

So now your backside is nice and clean and your ready to dose with the star of the show: Cannabis oil – this stuff REALLY kills cancer.

I feel lucky to be part of a new cure for cancer. 10 years ago the picture was very different….

I use the famous Backdoor Method(which i’ll explain in the next instalment), along with diet & the aforementioned emotional clearing techniques, which are really key.

Happy healing! Allow the wellness in.

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