Over half of seniors who have tried CBD report an “Improved Quality Of Life”

  • Study of 1,000 seniors found 9% tried CBD for medical purposes
  • 51% of those reported an improved quality of life
  • 61% reported a reduction in pain
  • Inflammation was the primary reasons seniors are using CBD (42%)
  • 89% said they would recommend CBD to family or friends

A new study has found fresh evidence that cannabidiol (CBD) truly is helping improve the quality of life of our elderly.

The study, released by Remedy Reviews, found that of the 1,000 seniors (aged 54 or older) surveyed, 9% have tried CBD for medicinal purposes.

Tables and Graphs showing CBD use among elderly seniors
New research has found compelling evidence that CBD can help improve the quality of life in our elderly


An amazing 51% of those who have tried CBD reported an improvement in quality of life, with 65% reporting a ‘good quality of life,’ while only 31.1% reported the same quality of life prior to trying CBD.

Due to CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties,  it’s not surprising that inflammation was the most common condition seniors are using CBD for; 42% said they were using CBD to deal with inflammation, with chronic pain coming in for a close second (41%).

Cannabidiol use for senior citiens table
Chronic pain is often caused by inflammation; by removing inflammation we can potentially remove chronic pain


This could be significant for the future of healthcare in the UK, as 43% of people in the UK experience chronic pain. More adults aged 75 or over (62%) experienced pain than those aged 18 to 25 (14.3%).

The study found that 61.1% of seniors that tried CBD found success in reducing pain.

If nearly half of our adult population suffers from chronic pain, CBD could revolutionise the way we help chronic pain suffers deal with the potentially debilitating illness.

Due to the growing opioid crisis in America and the UK, CBD could offer a safer alternative to dangerous and addictive pharmaceutical drugs.

Nearly 29% of respondents rated CBD as “extremely effective”, while another 38.9% said it was ‘moderately effective’.

Seniors find CBD Extremely Effective at reducing chronic pain table graph
While more seniors found prescription medications to be “extremely effective,” opioids have worse side-effects, including death


While more seniors rated prescription medication as being  ‘extremely effective’ (38.7%), CBD does not carry the same potential to negatively impact one’s health.

Research from Israel found that medical cannabis is “significantly safer” for elderly patients than opioid medication.

Over 65 percent of the seniors who tried CBD said their quality of life was good, whereas just 31.1 percent said the same before trying CBD.”
Remedy Reviews

If CBD is working as well as pharmaceuticals but carries less risk through side-effects (cannabinoids are non-lethal, it is impossible to die from an overdose of cannabis), there is a good argument to be put forward that we should be introducing CBD products into treatment programmes.

In fact, nearly 3/4 of seniors reported no side-effects, with the only side-effects reported by those surveyed being dry mouth (12.4%), a change in appetite (6.7%), and fatigue (5.6%).

table showing side-effects of CBD
‘Dry-mouth’ is a non-lethal side-effect; opioids carry a serious risk of addiction and death


The most popular method of ingesting CBD was via oral drops (tinctures), with 54% of seniors opting for this method, with the least popular being via vaporisers or smoking (10%).

While the results from the survey are encouraging, more research is needed before any solid conclusions can be made.

Researchers admitted that the main limitation of this study is that the reported benefits and side effects are based on self-reporting. So far, the findings have not been reviewed or approved by medical experts.

However, research like Remedy Review’s survey helps to build a framework to build upon.