Parents Demand Court Order to Treat Severely Ill Baby with Cannabis Oil

A Vancouver couple are demanding a court order for more medical control over their child after it emerged that doctors had stopped treating the 18-week-old with cannabis oil.

Michelle Arnold and Justin Pierce, parents of young Mary both have severe epilepsy and use cannabis oil to control their symptoms.

Mary was born 25 weeks premature and is suffering from serious health problems including cerebral palsy, severe seizures and brain bleeding.

After giving temporary custody of their child to the Ministry of Children and Family Development, Arnold and Pierce are now demanding a court order to gain back control after it emerged that treatment with cannabis oil had halted.

Pierce spoke to the media about the deterioration in his daughters condition since the removal of cannabis oil as treatment.

“She definitely was a lot happier. Now since being off of (the oil), she’s definitely going back … into the condition where she looks almost as she did right before we gave her the oil.”

The couples lawyer, Jack Hittrich said his clients deserve to use anything it takes to try and save their baby.

“What the ministry was looking at was terminating this child’s life. That is ultimately the biggest decision that any guardian or caregiver can make,”

The Ministry refused to comment to the media.