Seven-Year-Old Treats Her Leukaemia in Nine Days


Below is a case featuring the incredible story of a seven-year-old girl diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia. Her cure in just nine days using cannabis oil demonstrates to the world the healing power of marijuana.

From the website

…If someone can accept giving their child dangerous pharmaceutical medications every single day; medicine that has many unwanted side effects and addictive properties, then why is it not just as acceptable to start with Cannabis before progressing on to the harsher medicine? Why should this medicine not be available to a child? I have yet to hear a reasonable answer as to why it shouldn’t.

Indeed, why not? We are all conditioned to accept cancer treatments as high-tech, painful, complicated and expensive. The above quote is actually one of the most honest and insightful comments that I have read regarding cannabis cures.

But treating cancer doesn’t have to be that way.


There exists a beastly double standard among mainstream oncologists and much of the medical community. On the one hand they use odious poisons called chemotherapeutics on their patients with the finesse of a Medieval savant. Far too many patients die prematurely; the mortality counts are legion. Many patients perish in pain, despair and loss of dignity.

In other words, oncologists routinely harm their patients either deliberately or through ignorance while watching them waste away from the demanding protocols of chemoradiation.

Yet, present these oncologists with an herb no more threatening than sweet basil and you would have thought their patients were asking to take suitcase bombs onto Capitol Hill.


It’s entertaining when I read of some doctor’s mendacious concerns for the child’s safety and welfare when using cannabis. While still reciting the same fossilized script from 1942 when marijuana was removed from the US pharmacopoeia ending a thousand years of cannabis medicine; straight faced and sullen, they remind you that cannabis may harm your child.

Implying that marijuana is somehow more dangerous than the monstrously toxic drugs they intend on giving that same child.


They confidently voice their demurrals knowing full well that most of their “patients” will never recover from their treatment protocols; that most of them will be pushing daisies in six months to five years.

That’s actually laughable if it were not such a sad corruption of empathy and logic.

If these desperate patients are going to die anyway why not try something that, at the worst, will treat the dozens of adverse effects caused by chemoradiation while eliminating the half-dozen medications used to amend those symptoms.

At best it may even cure your patient.

Meanwhile, where does this hubris come from and why? What happened to compassionate care rather than staying cemented to arcane and perilous protocols that often lead to disfigurement and death?

It’s so strange it’s like living in Oz, err America.

Where’s the disconnect?


Since the attitude is so peculiar it must be driven by a deeper pathology. The disconnect is easily explained by examining who profits from this arrangement. Commercial medicine and Big Government profit handsomely from your cancer.

That’s why drug companies are currently heavily invested in chemotherapy. The greatest percentage of new drug applications are in chemo.

Or look at your city’s hospital campus which is more than likely building a new wing or cancer care center. Cancer is huge, it’s the new cash cow.

You’ll never get a reasonable answer to Mr. Comstock’s query until governments end their war on pot and allow both patients and doctors complete medical freedom.

In other words, it’s probably never going to change. Moreover, pot is cheap compared to the $100,000 price tag per chemo patient. To defend their position, drug companies will be lashing out against kitchen-made marijuana preparations as profits fall. Just wait you’ll see.

A preparation such as Rick Simpson Oil is seen as a dog that won’t hunt since it can’t be patented in that form. They prefer using expensive, patented medicines often times FDA approved through conflict-of-interest science. It’s also an enormous threat to them should momentum keep building and people demand marijuana oil over chemo.

Therefore, the biggest impediment toward change is the Commercial Sick Care System (CSCS) itself.

It is evolving into an enormous problem that could sink modern medicine. Over the last several decades this has led to entire fiefdoms (statins, SSRIs, chemo) commissioning ineffective drugs for patient care while charging usury rates.

Below is a quote from the former editor of one of the most prestigious medical journals in the world. She’s not alone.

It is simply no longer possible to believe much of the clinical research that is published, or to rely on the judgement of trusted physicians or authoritative medical guidelines [such as cancer protocols]. I take no pleasure in this conclusion, which I reached slowly and reluctantly over my two decades as an editor of The New England Journal of Medicine. – Dr, Marcia Angell, Physician, Author, Former Editor in Chief of the NEJM

It stings to read the above authoritative quote. When fighting for your life with end stage cancer you do not want to question whether your chemo protocol is scientifically based or not.


It’s imperative that we “drive” this system in the opposite direction. That is, where we start out with the safest drugs first when treating cancers; that includes using unpatented materials like marijuana oil.

Far too often patients desperately sick from chemoradiation and out of options reach for the healing green–if not arrested while reaching for it.

But often times it’s too little too late at that point. So why the reluctance on the part of oncology to avoid cannabis until it can’t help?

It also puts pot to the task requiring that it behave supernaturally in its healing capacity at such a late stage of Onco-Demolition.

Offering cannabis to moribund, stage IV patients, some on the verge of death from pharmaceutical assault, is morally bankrupt in the sense that it should have been given much earlier. It’s like trying to resuscitate an autopsy at that point. Oncology should rethink the purpose of using marijuana and start proposing it at the beginning of the protocol or instead of it.


Here’s the extraordinary part. In spite of those in stage IV disease, we still see marijuana do the most amazing things with some of these people. Below is an example of one such case.

It makes me wonder if Lazarus was given a snort of Rick Simpson Oil back in Ancient Palestine.

Demand change and demand that your child gets the right drug for the right condition. That means cannabis first. Let the oncologists treat their own children with chemoradiation if they still insist that weed is a toxic schedule I narcotic.

At least one family had the stomach to pursue the right course. Although it wasn’t easy, it paid off. They got to see their daughter beat a lethal blood cancer.

Kudos to the Comstock family!


There is something enchanting about this little girl. Just hearing her happy voice is enough to moisten the eyes of the most hardened. The following case provides the reader with laboratory data of a dose-response induced remission using an extract of cannabis.

Mykayla Comstock was age 7 when diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia on July 14th, 2012. She fell ill in May and in July doctors discovered a large sized mass in her chest. From Mykayla’s father’s blog:

Mykayla was officially diagnosed with T-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia on July 14, 2012, at only seven years old. T-cell ALL is a rare form of leukemia. It is an aggressive and fast-acting form of the childhood cancer. It is a cancer that is caused by the uncontrolled proliferation of Lymphoblasts into the body from the bone marrow. Lymphoblasts are immature cells which typically differentiate to form lymphocytes. Normally, lymphoblasts are found in the bone marrow only. These cells do not have the capability to die. Instead of going through a normal cellular life cycle, they remain, never succumbing to the natural programmed cell death. Instead, they are left to group together, forming a giant, liquid mucinous tumor that puts immense pressure on internal organs and wreaks havoc on a child’s immune system.[ref]( 11/17/2015[/ref]


Below is a diagram of how immune cells are made. The “blasts” are the immature cells which proliferate in leukaemia.

Dr. 1

In the US, the incidence of ALL is roughly 6000 new cases per year (as of 2009), or approximately 1 in 50,000. ALL accounts for approximately 70 percent of all childhood leukemia cases (ages 0 to 19 years), making it the most common type of childhood cancer. It has a peak incident rate of 2–5 years old…Based on the average $100,000 USD per patient, this gives the system 600 million dollars per year for just one type of cancer: ALL.

Mykayla’s oncologist started her on chemotherapy but she didn’t respond at all. An indicator of remission is when the blast count is under five percent.

The next approach might involve a stem cell (bone marrow) transplant. To treat brain lesions head radiation is considered. So little Mykayla, like the six thousand other ALL patients each year, was faced with the usual assaults from chemotherapy, surgical procedures, radiation and steroids.

This case appears similar to another case of ALL I reported on. In the previous case, (fourteen-year-old P.K. from Ontario, CA.), the patient died from chemo complications. Even though the Rick Simpson Oil (RSO, cannabis oil) put her ALL into remission it was started far too late. After numerous rounds of chemoradiation she was never able to recover.

This time the parents were able to prevent the decimation by getting on board with RSO earlier in the treatment. They could do this because Mykayla lives in a state with a medical marijuana program, and they were proactive.


On day eleven (after ten days of chemo) they started marijuana. They followed the usual dosing schedule by having her consume a tiny grain-of-rice sized portion of Rick Simpson Oil (RSO). As expected she ended up considerably stoned. This is not always a bad side effect as so many doctors seem to think. Some patients actually enjoy it.

For the first time in weeks she had a smile on her face, was actually hungry and wanted to eat. Her father reports that during this time she kept telling him how happy she was while laughing at her illness.

But that’s nothing compared to what happened next.


After only nine days of RSO she went into remission.

Mykayla’s chemo DID NOT affect her blast cell count (BCC). As you can clearly see (below) starting on July 14 with a BCC of 33% and ending on July 24 with a BCC of 31%.

Only when the new sheriff RSO rode into town did improvement occur.

Note that on July 23-26th there was an astonishing fall in her BCC from 31% to 5% after taking RSO. We do not have a BCC on the day the RSO was started. Let’s assume that it was 30% which is reasonable.

Therefore, in just two days it dropped from 30% down to 5% while consuming the emerald oil.

Dear oncologists everywhere, please note that in just nine days she was diagnosed in remission with ZERO blast cells.

Well done. Was the remission solely induced by RSO? There is no way to say for sure without follow up studies.

Below her father provides the hematology data regarding Mykayla’s ALL. Listed are the blast cell counts as percentages of total white blood cells. Zero, or close to it, indicates a remission.
Starting from July 14th 2012 to August 20th 2012 we have:

Dr. 2



Those are the ten most dreadful words any parent could ever hear. Mykayla’s father was commenting on whether child protective services (CPS), festooned with shiny badges and clipboards, would be stealing across his front yard, commando style, to kidnap sweet little Mykayla away from her irresponsible parents bent on using dangerous, unproven marijuana oil treatments.

Which is always a possibility. If there had been a particularly misinformed official in CPS at the time this may have ended much differently.

Nevertheless, you should have absolute freedom in choosing how your own family will be medically treated especially now with the scientific upheaval in clinical drug research.

As you can see from the above quote by Marcia Angell MD, one of my heroes, the system is rigged and has been for decades. It’s based on junk science. So curing cancer with chemoradiation may be an ignis fatuus.

dr 3


Mykayla had an additional surprising and novel response to cannabis which should make it the leading drug for treating chemotherapy induced side effects independent of its tumor shrinking properties.

Compare the statement below (from her father) with the usual way people feel after chemotherapy.

As if her dramatic remission wasn’t amazing enough, Erin and I have observed a wide variety of benefits from Cannabis during Mykayla’s treatment. Cannabis has relieved nearly all of the horrid side-effects that we are warned about with each individual chemotherapy drug…Mykayla has needed the pharmaceutical anti-nausea medicine, Zofran, only a handful of times. She rarely, if ever, complains of pain anywhere; she hasn’t experienced the chemo-associated neuropathy (foot-drop)…when given Vincristine.

Another testament to the power of Cannabis is that Mykayla has currently experienced only one infection…. Cannabis is a powerful anti-biotic, anti-viral, and anti-fungal agent….

…Her spirits are always high, and she is always energetic. She continues to be creative and inquisitive despite the rigors of her treatment. Her mother and I attribute the majority of this to Cannabinoid Therapy.


Regrettably, most hospitals and most doctors, even the best ones, can actually morph into a survival threat. In Gary Null’s publication entitled Death by Medicine, he explains how adverse drug reactions, hospital, and physician error are the number one cause of death in America.

Yet, what keeps these methods alive are that they maintain political correctness. You see the doctor reaching for patented medicines that are drug company compliant and consistent with the System’s business model, even if these drugs are ineffective.

Mykayla’s father commented on how tough they had it when deciding to employ a politically charged (read: non-patented, lifesaving) treatment option.

Based on the (below) remarks it appears as if there was some serious hostility from one oncologist. Her comments (in bold type) contain a little gem of wisdom that I’m sure she was not aware of.

Oncologists who treat Mykayla and other doctors and nurses have not volunteered their opinions. Our first oncologist constantly disagreed with us and eventually tried to forcibly refer us to another hospital, the reason being that she felt little Mykayla jeopardized the entire hospital including staff and patients….The few testimonies we have coaxed out of them are always fantastic. They have commented on how well her liver holds up during the hepato-toxic treatments they prescribe her. They see how smart and sharp she is through the neuro-toxic drugs regimens. They comment on how astonishing it is that she maintains her weight, never losing any for more than a day or two at a time. We know they know.

Mykayla proved to them that there is a better way. Here’s the gem: the oncologist warned that little Mykayla’s activities would jeopardize the entire system. She inadvertently implied that Mykayla’s novel and successful response using cannabis oil was far superior to their usual routines. Should anyone notice how superior RSO was it would jeopardize the entire hospital, staff and doctors who are forced into using dangerous and ineffective protocols.

Imagine a ward full of morose, vomiting children and little Mykayla sitting there all alone comfortably smiling, laughing and feeling high. Every caregiver on the floor would have noticed it.

Yes, that could unravel the con and clearly jeopardize the System. Let’s hope so.


Conversely, in the same (above) quote, we see many hospital personnel did take notice. They were astonished at how well Mykayla swam through all of the drug-induced horror stories as if they were so much tripe.

But no one is coming out and saying the obvious-why?

Like the woolly mammoth eating TV dinners in your living room, nobody will acknowledge the simple fact that marijuana appears to be driving the entire syllabus of positive outcomes seen here.

A schedule I drug-of-abuse is really the cause of this wonderful outcome, including slating her leukaemia into remission.

Regrettably, to simply acknowledge the truth is not yet possible for physicians and care givers. Except for a small, vocal, fearless group who have the clinical knowledge, courage, and brains to recognize pot for what it is.

Marijuana may be the most valuable plant in the world.

There I said it.

We know that they see the difference. They see her giggle, run, dance, jump, and play, be hungry and want to experience life. Some nurses who have worked those wards for 15+ years have commented on how they have never before seen a child undergo so many poisonous treatments and handle it so well. They know she doesn’t have to take the seven prescription medications that she is offered for side-effect mitigation. Some medicines we have never used; they sit unopened in our cupboards just in case. Simply put, Cannabis has been a miracle for Mykayla; no one can argue this anymore, there is nothing left to debate. —

In 2015 Mykayla is reportedly doing great. She is still in remission, and is back doing what any kid her age is doing-enjoying her precious LIFE thanks to cannabis.

If your state does not have a medical marijuana program demand it from your congressman and state senators.

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