Switching from Painkillers to Medical Marijuana

It’s been obvious for a while that the human race likes to relieve itself of pain, by pretty much any means necessary. It doesn’t really matter what kind of a prescription drug we are talking about. As long as it does the job, people don’t even care what they’re stuffing down their throats. Naturally, with neglect comes addiction. And then, instead of relieving a problem, you are faced with another problem. Of course, we are talking about painkillers. It doesn’t really matter if you are downing Valium or Prozac, you are probably not doing your body a favor in the long run. Not only are these pills highly addictive but they also provide you with this false sense of security. That is why without them – you are a complete zombie.

Abusing Marijuana

Then again, people abuse marijuana as well. Whoever says that marijuana is not addictive is laughing at your face. The upside is though – the side effects are not nearly as damaging as downing painkillers on a daily basis. We have always been proponents of responsible marijuana consumption. You know, don’t smoke a kilo a day, but keep the doctor at bay. So, with that in mind, according to painkiller research within the next ten years, it is safe to say that medical marijuana always seems like a more viable option, especially when compared to painkillers.

Swapping One Addiction With Another

The problem with people switching from medical marijuana to painkillers is that they feel like they have discovered the holy alternative grail of calmness and serenity. That is why they tend to over exaggerate and just swap one addiction with another. That is almost reasonable because it is hard to switch from that numbness provided by the painkillers to that peacefulness provided by medical marijuana. That is why you should ease that transition by performing some kind of physical activity. Yes, you read that right. Thirty minutes of walking per day or, God forbid, jogging, will put your mind at ease to a certain degree, maybe enough to make that transition without smashing your entire apartment in the process. It will give your body a very small boost needed to make it tired to a certain extent.

Use It Responsibly

The main thing you have to remember is this. It is a far better option to enjoy nature’s gift of medical marijuana than to simply ingest medicinal drugs that are only giving you the illusion of recovery. Marijuana will not turn you into a zombie if you use it responsibly. You will still be able to think quite normally under the influence of marijuana. There are plenty of ways you could go about it, from edibles and joint to vaporizing, which is by far the healthiest option.

So next time you get that prescription, maybe it would be better to get some weed and cook yourself a decent meal, hm? What do you think? Doesn’t that sound better than taking that Valium with a glass of wine and discovering you have to take three next time because your body has built up immunity to prescription drugs? We thought so. Be smart; don’t use prescription medication unless you REALLY have to.

by M.B