The Importance of Testing your CBD Products


In this article we’ll discover the stunning results of my requests for laboratory verification of commercial CBD products.

It is STANDARD for any legitimate company following good manufacturing practice (GMP), to provide verification of company claims. It should also be standard that consumers request it.

To my surprise not one company has provided me with that simple, basic requirement: proving your claim using a third party laboratory. Not one company!

If they cannot provide a sample copy for you, it’s because they know their merchandise is fraudulent. It’s that simple. A legitimate company should be proud or their product and be willing to prove their claims. For example, Zone Labs makes an excellent fish oil product which I have used for 17 years. The site provides a section where you can see every single batch’s third-party analysis of said product. They even refer you to the site (IFOS) where the testing is done!

In other words these well-known canna-businesses say they have high content CBD oil but we have to take their word for it.

One company had the hubris to send me a page that was simply created from scientific software that produces graphs! As a chemist, I could see that it was totally made up. They were trying to play me (and you) as befuddled children with no critical thinking skills.

Another company has a “real” looking printout on the front page of their glossy website claiming all batches are tested. I asked for said analysis, and all I got was a lab report that tested for contaminants which is also part of a total analysis package. Yet, no cannabinoid breakdown was provided. Of course, the lab did indeed test for cannabinoids but the company apparently didn’t want me to see it. I mentioned that to the company while putting in a second request.

Guess what? I never received a response. This “gotcha” moment revealed possible fraud and perhaps even criminal behaviour.

So far these businesses are failing the heat. They do not feel the need in providing proof. Instead we are to trust them and accept their claims on blind faith.

I don’t think so. Not when relying on them to cure you of a serious disease while stealing thousands of dollars from you!

Real extracts (or any cannabis product) should be clearly marked with a percent concentration, or in milligrams per cc of vehicle for liquids.

For example, one decent company clearly printed on their label: contains 3.3 mg CBD per ½ dropper. One-half dropper is 0.4 cc according to their product label. Here you know exactly what you’re getting, at least from reading a clear label. They got that part right. Sadly, this same company does not provide third party proof.

Here’s a copy of the breakdown in potency of Sativa Valley’s CBD Tincture sample from Analytical 360’s analysis page followed by the cannabinoid breakdown.


CBD tincture


Cannabinoid breakdwon

There are other things tested for like terpenes, and contaminants that I have not provided.

Next observe the wonderful and novel labels (below) with their analysis printed right on the package of medical pot. This is refreshingly intelligent. This is also what SHOULD be included with all your purchases. This is a clear indication of third party testing and it should be standard.

Some of the most expensive CBD products on the market have only their website’s reassurance that they are what they say they are.

CBD oil could be anything. Raise the bar and demand proof or you may be wasting your money while encouraging a rapacious industry. This isn’t the old days when pot sellers were “a most happy fella.” Today we have businessmen, and with men of business comes a loss of ethics. Fraud easily follows.


CBD labels


In summary, demand:

1. An authenticated lab report with batch number, date, and % cannabinoids proving their claims.

2. A clearly written label with CBD dose in milligrams per serving.

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