The Story of Landon Riddle: Treating Leukaemia with Cannabis Oil

This is the courageous story of little Landon Riddle who unknowingly is at ground zero in a controversial dilemma between health freedom and medical tyranny.

This case highlights the rigors and difficulties encountered should responsible parents wish to treat their children using unconventional approaches. In this case, tyranny takes the form of forced chemotherapy.

It’s surprising to discover that only childhood cancer patients are subjected to forced chemotherapy. No other diseases of children are approached this way. It’s also one of the most expensive treatments in the world. Is there any connection?

On average chemo costs about $8,000 per month in the United States. Expect two years or more, yielding a war chest of bills clocking in at $200,000 or more. How can anyone financially tolerate this usury assault? Compare this to cannabis oil at about $1,000 per month for three months.

This becomes exceedingly important for anyone with a diagnosis of cancer, who especially, wishes to avoid the “ordeal of chemo.”


It all started in September of 2012 when Landon had only been in this world for two short years. At that time he presented with a sore throat and swollen lymph nodes. A St George, Utah emergency physician diagnosed a viral syndrome and sent him home.

But only two days later an ominous sign developed, the lymph nodes in his armpits began to swell.

By day five, his mom saw swelling of his groin lymph nodes. Soon his abdomen started to protrude, and his throat began to swell which made breathing more difficult.

A repeat ER visit verified her worst fear. Little Landon had cancer, acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (ALL). The incidence of ALL has geometrically increased over the last 60 years to where it is near epidemic in the US.

Why be concerned? The reason why you need to know if cannabis can actually treat cancers, in particular ALL, is because there’s a good chance someone you love will receive the diagnosis. Then we must ask if chemo is the only way to treat it.


Dr Samuel S. Epstein, M.D., Chairman of the Cancer Prevention Coalition and Professor Emeritus of Environmental and Occupational Medicine, University of Illinois School of Public Health, Chicago, and Quentin D. Young, M.D., Chairman of the Health and Medicine Policy Research Group, Past President of American Public Health Association, Chicago had this to say regarding our epidemic of cancers.

Since passage of the 1971 National Cancer Act, launching the “War Against Cancer,” the incidence of childhood cancer has steadily escalated to alarming levels.

Childhood cancers have increased by 26% overall, while the incidence of particular cancers has increased still more: acute lymphocytic leukemia, 62%; brain cancer, 50%; and bone cancer, 40%.

The federal National Cancer Institute (NCI), and the “charitable” American Cancer Society (ACS), the cancer establishment, have failed to inform the public let alone Congress and regulatory agencies of this alarming information. Let’s examine some shocking facts:

Over 20 U.S. and international studies have incriminated paternal and maternal exposures (pre-conception, during conception and post-conception) to a wide range of occupational carcinogens as major causes of childhood cancer.

– Prolonged Feeding with Infant Formula Increases Leukaemia Risk

A new study found that putting one’s baby on formula rather than breast-feeding increased the child’s risk of developing acute lymphoblastic leukaemia 16 percent for each month the formula was continued past eight months. Each month delay in starting solid foods increased the risk 14 percent. This type of leukaemia is the most common malignancy in children. The link likely comes from the importance of breast-feeding to the development of the child’s immune system, which is impaired with formula feeding alone. One must also consider the effect of chemicals from the plastic bottles (BPA); the high levels of glutamate, manganese, and fluoride in soy formula (the most common form used); and other differences in the chemical makeup of breast milk vs. formula.[ref] ( 12/07/2012 [/ref]

– There is substantial evidence on the risks of brain cancer and leukemia in children from frequent consumption of nitrite-dyed hot dogs; consumption during pregnancy has been similarly incriminated. Nitrites, added to meat for coloring purposes, have been shown to react with natural chemicals in meat (amines) to form a potent carcinogenic nitrosamine.

– Consumption of non-organic fruits and vegetables, particularly in baby food, contaminated with high concentrations of multiple residues of carcinogenic pesticides, poses major risks of childhood cancer, besides delayed cancers in adult life.

– Numerous studies have shown strong associations between childhood cancers, particularly brain cancer, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and leukaemia, and domestic exposure to pesticides from uses in the home, including pet flea collars, lawn and garden; another major source of exposure is commonplace use in schools.

– Maternal exposure to ionizing radiation, especially in late pregnancy, is strongly associated with excess risks of childhood leukaemia.

There’s no question that cancer is the on the rise. The war on cancer is a total failure and the rates of many cancers have spiraled out of control. Since the 1950’s,

– Malignant melanoma up nearly 700%

– Prostate cancer up nearly 300%

– Thyroid cancer up 250%

– Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma up 250%

– Liver cancer up 230%

– Kidney cancer up 180%

– Today’s young women will have a one in three chance of developing breast cancer as of 2005.


However, in spite of practicing excellent preventive medicine, bad things still happen.

Then, when your child receives her diagnosis of ALL you must be prepared to deal with the socio-political consequences of it. That means that you may be forced, against your will, into giving your child chemotherapy which is central in the Commercial Sick Care System (CSCS).

This is exactly what happened in the Riddles case. Little Landon was subjected to chemotherapy without consent. Now, this is one instance where chemotherapy can be useful, ALL can be cured with select chemotherapy drugs. There are only about four other cancers that respond as well. But chemo is not benign. It increases one’s risk for other blood cancers later in life.

Dr Landrigan a pediatrician in the department of Community and Preventive medicine from the Mount Sinai Medical center, New York, explains:

“We are conducting a vast toxicological experiment on our children that will last for generations to come.”

The Cancer Prevention Coalition had this to say:

Winning the war on cancer means preventing cancer. Yet cancer is a multi-billion dollar business. Isn’t preventing cancer bad for business? It is for the pharmaceutical and mammography businesses. These industries have intricate ties to U. S. policy makers, directing research funds to insure their continued profits in cancer diagnosis/treatment. It’s time for reform. Congressional leaders are calling for an investigation of the U. S. National Cancer Institute for its indifference to cancer prevention, other than smoking, and for denying the public of its Right-to-Know, and for failing to inform Congress and regulatory agencies.


Let’s return now to Landon’s ordeal. After the diagnosis, Landon was flown to Salt Lake City where he was immediately started on chemo. Regrettably, his chest was so full of tumors that doctors gave him only an 8% chance of survival. This is in sharp contrast to the overall five-year survival which is about 90%. Chemo is an integral part of this cure insist their oncologist.

However, after only two months of chemo it was clear that Landon would not survive the treatment he was implored to surrender to.

In addition to non-stop nausea and vomiting, he developed a painful nerve disorder, a common adverse effect from one of the chemo drugs.

He was no longer able to walk without help.

Sick, in constant pain, and suffering from intractable vomiting, Landon’s physical state was like thousands of other children with ALL receiving chemo in the US – he was miserable.


A cancer diagnosis often times leaves a family destitute and bankrupt because in the Land of the Free, healthcare is not.

The Riddles established a Facebook page in the hope that little Landon’s story would reach those with compassion who may assist in the financial burden. One such person recommended medical marijuana. Sierra Riddle was intrigued.

Sadly, the Riddles live in a cannabis tyranny state, so obtaining the plant will land you in the clink if not careful.

That’s when the Riddles stumbled upon the Stanley brothers of Colorado.

Like the Sirens of Titan, they draw many to their shores seeking to rid themselves of diseases using cannabis preparations. However, instead of crashing on the rocks and drowning in the swells, these patients often survive unbelievable odds.

Their operation yields about five hundred pounds of medical grade cannabis per year.

Their new product claims an increased level of CBD as well as THC. In theory, this may be better at treating cancers since both THC and CBD have profound antitumor properties. In addition, they act synergistically with each other creating a sort of ‘super medical weed’.

What helped propel the Riddles to a cannabis friendly state was the simple fact that Landon was failing in his health. The OxyContin he was taking for pain made him so miserable he would pull his hair out. He was losing weight because he couldn’t eat and was getting sicker by the day.

So they moved to Colorado and obtained a medical pot card for Landon. He was promptly started on cannabis oil.

Soon after starting, his white cell count rapidly returned to normal. He had developed a neutropenia from the chemo – a very common side effect. His intractable nausea also finally stopped and he once again could eat.

It was the first time he felt decent since this ordeal began.


After six months of cannabis oil treatment, Sierra decided to stop further chemo treatments because he appeared to be in remission.

Without the chemo, he no longer needed blood products like platelets or packed cells, all chemo induced.

Of course, when everything seems to be getting better, you might not expect to be round-housed by the notorious Child Protective Services (CPS).

Like the infamous Stasi of East Germany, the CPS instills fear and dread among those who buck the conventional cancer system.

Under these circumstances, CPS becomes the antagonist often times forcing children to take chemotherapy against the will of the parents. This is a form of medical tyranny or medical fascism if you will.

Sierra Riddle stated;

Once I took the chemo out, I see these amazing results. And no more need for blood transfusion and platelet transfusions… I think that the chemo in combination with the cannabis did put him into remission and now the cannabis will keep him there.

But Landon’s doctor at the Children’s Hospital of Colorado was shocked.

She told me with no uncertainty that if I refused chemo, she would have no choice but to report me to the proper authorities…

At the time, I thought the same as everyone else,…They can’t force me to do something I don’t want to. When I told (the doctors) that I took him off of that and we were just doing natural treatments, CPS was at my house.[ref] ( 01/10/2016 [/ref]

Subsequently, in an effort to prevent a legal altercation, Riddle and her mother met with the doctors in charge of Landon’s care in October.

They said they were willing to work with us. They said they were willing to alter the chemo plan, and they did not.

The Riddles cannabis doctor was also at the meeting. Dr Margaret Gedde, who wrote the original prescription for medical marijuana, mentioned a few additional things:

I could see a large gulf between the doctors who were making the point this is a fatal disease — ‘You know, he needs this treatment to survive,’ and pretty much that was their [the oncologists] stance.

The family wanted to discuss more alternative modes of treatment and really things that wouldn’t make him so sick, but again, the doctors being convinced that really it had to be done the way that they were used to it (being done) – that just made it very much really a confrontation there of two different mindsets. I felt sympathetic to both[ref] 01/09/2016 [/ref]


CPS refused comment when asked about Landon’s case.

Presently, they are watching and waiting for the Riddles to do something they do not approve of. At which time they will move in and take over. So far they have not.

Equally outrageous is the intractable ignorance of our trusted “non-profit” organizations like the ACS.


The ACS, the same institution that’s heavily invested in mammography and chemotherapy, has been chastised for ignoring proven preventive measures. They made this incredibly ill-informed comment:

The American Cancer Society, meanwhile, cautions that cannabinoids have not been tested in humans to determine if they can lower cancer risk.

There are many challenges with marijuana research as it relates to cancer…While it shows promise for controlling cancer pain among some patients, there is still concern that marijuana may cause toxic side effects in some people and that the benefits of THC must be carefully weighed against its potential risks. There is no available scientific evidence from controlled studies in humans that cannabinoids can cure or treat cancer.[ref]IBID[/ref]

Of course, the above remarks are very misleading. It’s true, we have little information from human trials but there’s thousands of studies using tissue culture and animals that show great promise.

Furthermore, cannabis is non-toxic, there has never been a death from cannabis, ever. There can be no toxic side effects from a non-toxic drug. This is the typical industry mantra levied against those who wish for healthier protocols using pot:

“We need to weigh the toxicity of cannabis against its ability to heal, and we have no proof that cannabinoids can cure cancers.”

It’s outrageous that someone with sophisticated knowledge on the toxicology of chemotherapeutics can, in the same breath, caution patients on the toxic side effects of cannabis? Really?

Regardless, Sierra’s tenacity paid off. Her little boy is now in remission.


Well, today is the day! The doctors have finally figured out that we are not giving Landon the daily chemo pills, and have not done so for 13 months. Landon has been treated for his Leukemia using cannabis oil and other organic treatments. Landon has been in remission for 19 months, 13 of those months, without daily chemo!

(Landon’s doctors) know I haven’t been giving him the at-home chemo, which is 98 percent of the treatment plan, and so the other 2 percent was just the IV chemo every thirty days, They told CPS Landon would be dead in less than three (months) without those medicines.

So, obviously they lied, That’s the most obvious thing.

And I might add the second most obvious thing is that Landon is in remission without using chemotherapy to get there.

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